The Week in TicketCity Search – September 9th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept 4th
1 1 Texas Longhorns Football
2 2 Texas A&M Football
3 4 Mississippi State Football
4 3 US Open Tennis
5 - LSU Football
6 - ACL Fest
7 8 Oklahoma State Football
8 - Arkansas Football
9 10 Taylor Swift
10 - Auburn Football
Week of
Aug 28th
1 2 Texas Longhorns Football
2 - Texas A&M Football
3 - US Open Tennis
4 5 Mississippi State Football
5 3 Justin Bieber
6  - Texas Tech Football
7  - Chris Brown
8  - Oklahoma State Football
9 4 Mindless Behavior
10 9 Taylor Swift

Well, after a little time off, I’ve returned to find college football season has started. Yes, the weeks around the September kick-off are some of the few that find the countdown devoted so completely to sports. Can’t quite squeeze everyone with a microphone out, though. The resilient Miss Swift has held on both weeks, tenaciously clinging to the countdown.

Football isn’t the only sport that’s not only held on, but clung to the top five. That would be the US Open, tennis flavor, ongoing for the past couple weeks up in lovely Flushing, NY. Thanks to some rain outs, there’s still a lot of tennis to see. The tournament will run through next Monday, the 12th.

Another favorite shows up this week, ACL Fest. We’re just a week away from the 2011 festival. Since it seems the local climate remembered it doesn’t have to have three digit temperatures all the time, things are shaping up for a fine few days out at Zilker Park.

The Week in TicketCity Search – August 26th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 - Virginia Tech Football
2 2 Texas Longhorns Football
3 1 Justin Bieber
4 - Mindless Behavior
5 4 Mississippi State Football
6 - Georgia Football
7 3 Dallas Cowboys
8 - ACL Fest
9 7 Taylor Swift
10 - Texas A&M Football

The Hokies, out of nowhere, take the top spot this week. Fun fact: my dad was a “Hokie.” While I did not follow in his footsteps, it did make getting an acceptance letter from Tech pretty easy. They are followed by one of the usual suspects this time of year, the Longhorns, who hold onto the number #2 spot this week. We find the esteemed Mr. Bieber in the countdown at #3, followed by a newcomer to the countdown who posted a similar “out of nowhere” performance.

Mindless Behavior is a boy band, or so Wikipeida tells me. Doesn’t tell me much more than that. I guess they’re not quite Menudo, NKOTB, or ‘N Sync yet. They have an album, the charmingly titled #1 Girl, and have been the opening act on Janet Jackson’s recent greatest hits tour.

The reminder of the countdown is far more conservative. While the schools change, college football is a constant, as are the Cowboys, as this the point in the season where optimism abounds.

ACL Fest returns to the countdown. The festival kicks off September 16th, so we’re only three weeks away now. Be sure to stay cool out there, as the forecast is for more of the same toasty temps from the past few months. Better than rain, at least.