The Week in TicketCity Search – January 14th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 3 Super Bowl
2 4 George Strait
3 - Girl Talk
4 2 BCS Bowl
5 10 Lady Gaga
6 1 Cotton Bowl
7 6 Kenny Chesney
8 9 Linkin Park
9 5 Taylor Swift
10 7 Monster Jam

Lots of shuffling, but only one new face this week. It appears the momentum of last weeks bowl contests spilled over into this week, as the BCS and the Cotton Bowl both hung on for another round. This will probably be the last we see of them for another 11 months or so, though. The Super Bowl has reached the top, as we are getting closer to finding out who will be playing.

Girl Talk shoots into the countdown at #3, impressive debut for a newcomer to the countdown. Wow, with a name like Girl Talk, I bet there’s some nice looking ladies- wait, what? Oh… Well, okay… This is an even bigger fake out than having 2 dudes in the group Lady Antebellum. So, Girl Talk is the stage name of Gregg Michael Gillis, a mashup / electronica musician. “Gregg” will be at the Austin Music Hall tonight before continuing a nationwide tour.

As predicted, Gaga’s return stateside is moving up the charts. The rest of the countdown is pretty much a bit of a shift from last week, with some ups and downs for the returning concert acts. Linkin Park climbs while Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift both tumble a bit. Monster Jam rounds out the countdown, looking like the longevity it achieved last spring will be repeated this year.

The Week in TicketCity Search – February 19th

This week the Games handily fend off the challenge from the WWE, though the later remains in the top 5. The Games reached #1 by a huge margin, probably the widest yet seen when all 8+ of the various terms used to search were added together. I do that regularly, though in this case a top 10 list of basically the same entry repeated with different names may have been an amusing diversion. Have maintain some standards, though. The remainder of the top 5 include the usual suspects, capped off by the esteemed Mr. Bieber.

With the loss of the Super Bowl and the All-Star Game, the lower 5 gets mixed up a bit. Starting off is a newcomer to the list but hardly to the concert-going public: Elton John. He’s been on tour solo and playing some dates with fellow “pianoman” Billy Joel over the past few months. Both fine choices in pop piano, though Hornsby was always my favorite, at least back when was playing pop piano.

Monster Jam returns to the list after being absent, and rounding things out is the SEC Basketball Tournament. The SEC is always one of the most popular conferences as far as championships are concerned. TicketCity has tickets to all the major conference tournaments, SEC included. All these are merely the appetizers to the main course, March Madness itself and the run-up to the Final Four.

1 1 Winter Games
2 3 Justin Bieber
3 5 Taylor Swift
4 7 John Mayer
5 2 WWE
6 - Elton John
7 6 Michael Bublé
8 - Jimmy Buffet
9 - Monster Jam
10 - SEC Tournament

The Week in TicketCity Search – Jan 29th

Big shift this week, as sport once again claims the top 2 spots. Granted, it took 2 of the biggest sporting events of the year to dethrone concerts. The Super Bowl is a natural for #1, and will probably be there next week as well. Interest in the Winter Games is also reaching an all time high. The games are, comparatively speaking, conveniently located to the United States this year, so getting there won’t be quite as big an issue as it can be depending on the host country.

Lady Gaga fans seem to have cooled a bit. While she manages to cling to the countdown just barely, it’s a far cry from her weeks of dominance. I sense she’ll be back up top fairly quickly, though, much like Taylor Swift recovered pretty quickly from a drop to #8 last week to lead the crop of concert performers that round out the Top 5, the esteemed Mr. Bieber among them.

I realize I can’t remember if John Mayer has been on the list or not before, as I’ve done quite a few of these. Someone who I’m certain has not is the #6 entrant, James Taylor. This may also be the first time someone whose albums I’ve actually bought showed up on the countdown. James is playing some dates in May and June of this year.

1 5 Super Bowl
2 2 Winter Games
3 8 Taylor Swift
4 - John Mayer
5 3 Justin Bieber
6 - James Taylor
7 - WWE
8 7 Jason Aldean
9 9 Monster Jam
10 1 Lady Gaga