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Week of
Oct. 1st
1 4 Longhorns Football
2 6 ACL Fest
3 3 Justin Bieber
4 2 Mississippi State Football
5 1 One Direction
6 5 W Virginia Mountaineers
7 8 Dallas Cowboys
8 - New England Patriots
9 - Ohio St Football
10 - Jay-Z

Close one this week, as a couple “local favorites” vie for the top. After adding up a few different ways to say the same thing (for both), the Longhorns get the win. Perhaps the Longhorns’ own winning record has something to do with that.

For the musically inclined, the ACL Fest is now just one week away. Ample time to buy and pick up your passes from our own humble offices. We will also have some folks at Uncle Billys with free swag should you wish to check in before hitting the verdant, melodic fields of Zilker Park.

The shuffling in the top five brings former champs 1D down to #5, losing even the teen idol top spot to the esteemed Mr. Beiber. Perhaps their lack of on-stage gastronomic distress curbed fan interest. Talk about building buzz for the new tour…

The Mountaineers kick off the bottom five, an analogy I’ve probably used before for something that wasn’t football related. They’re followed by the Cowboys, who climb one spot to let the Patriots into the countdown. Haven’t seen them before this year. Ohio State, on the other hand, has been seen before.

Jay-Z just makes it in this week. He is finishing up his Barclay’s Center concert series this weekend. Some quick action will get you in the door for the last couple shows. We have lot of e-deliverable tickets that should make it to any Jay-Z fan’s inbox rather quickly.

Predicting the Win/Loss Records for Every AFC East Team

Who will win Super Bowl XLVII?

If you polled NFL writers and fans at this time last year, the prevailing sentiment would have been that the Philadelphia Eagles would meet the New England Patriots at Super Bowl 46. Half of that proved true, as the Patriots faced the New York Giants.

As training camps and offseason workouts approach, here’s how the NFL looks in a division-by-division breakdown of the 2012 NFL season.

The AFC East features last season’s conference champions, the New England Patriots, and three teams on the outside looking in, hoping that the offseason additions will put them in place to challenge the ever-consistent Pats.

New England Patriots**

Predicted Record: 13-3

New England brings back most of the old cast, but adding Brandon Lloyd and beefing up the offensive-line depth was huge this offseason. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick still around, the Patriots have to be considered heavy favorites. 


Buffalo Bills

Predicted Record: 9-7

The Bills made big moves by signing Mario Williams and keeping Stevie Johnson in town, but the question marks still exist on offense.

Can the offensive tackles protect quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick—and can the aforementioned Fitzpatrick consistently deliver a good football over a 17-week season? If he can, the Bills are a playoff contender. 


New York Jets

Predicted Record: 6-10

A predicted drop-off is coming in New York, and not even Tim Tebow can save them. The Jets’ problems are along the offensive line and in their inability to rush the passer from outside the tackle box.

These issues, plus a tough schedule, will see the Jets decline in 2012. 


Miami Dolphins

Predicted Record: 3-13

The Dolphins’ record will hinge on who plays quarterback. If Matt Moore is the starter, the record could be much improved. If it’s rookie Ryan Tannehill back there, expect many bumps in the road.

The Dolphins managed to get worse at receiver—an area of need in the offseason—and will have trouble scoring points in Year 1 of the Joe Philbin reign.


** Division Winner, First-Round Playoff Bye

Matt Miller is the founder of the NFL draft site, New Era Scouting, which TicketCity is proud to sponsor. Matt will be a guest author for several posts a month on the TicketCity blog. Matt is Bleacher Report’s No. 1 ranked writer, and his work has also been featured on, and USA Today.

Super Bowl 46: Who Has the Edge?

The “Big Game” is just around the corner, and perhaps you’ve already decided who you think will win, but think again. Which team has the advantage in the pivotal points of the game? Here’s our take.


Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning. That’s what this Super Bowl will be about. The rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl will feature heavy commentary surrounding the two, and any objective fan will tell you that Brady is the far better quarterback than Manning. Hands down.

Brady is great—we all know that Brady is the best quarterback ever in my book—but it’s the play of the New England tight ends that will dominate this game.

How do you cover Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski with the New York linebackers and safeties? The answer is, you don’t. Antrel Rolle is a “name” player, but he’s horrible in coverage and cannot be asked to take on one of the Patriot safeties.

And if you think the Giants’ linebackers can cover these two, look back to Week 9 and see that both tight ends were open routinely. It’s just giving Brady enough time to find them that counts.

Advantage: New England Patriots


One look at the defenses in this game and it’s pretty obvious who holds the advantage.

I know, I know…the Patriots have a “bend-don’t-break” defense. I’ve heard the excuses and rationale. I don’t buy it.

The Patriot defense isn’t great, even if they have moments of playing very well. Vince Wilfork is a beast to handle, Pat Chung can make bone-crushing hits and it seems like the rotating players at cornerback can do a decent job against Lee Evans and Anquan Boldin. Against the Giants’ receivers? Don’t think so.

New York holds the advantage due to their play in the front four, with Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul being unstoppable at times, and with a solid group in the secondary. Both units will be tested for sure, but the advantage still slants heavily in the favor of the G-Men.

Advantage: New York Giants


Neither the Giants nor the Patriots stand out as a great special teams unit, but that is only because neither team features an elite return man. There’s no Devin Hester here, and the return game may be less exciting than in years past, but special teams in general will be key to this game as in any big game.

The Patriots have won three Super Bowls thanks to big plays in big spots from their kicking game. Why would this year be any different? Stephen Gostkowski is one of the best kickers in the game, 85 percent of his field goals and a crazy 82 percent when the distance is between 40 and 50 yards. Gostkowski is dependable, accurate and used to playing under the spotlight.

The Giants have their own special teams aces—look at Pierre-Paul’s blocked kick against the Dallas Cowboys to secure a lead. The Patriots are better suited to score through special teams, but the Giants play an almost defensive special teams that makes it hard for the opposition to move the ball on kick and punt returns, and they are even damn good at blocking kicks.

Advantage: New England Patriots

Matt Miller is the founder of the NFL draft site, New Era Scouting, which TicketCity is proud to sponsor. Matt will be a guest author for several posts a month on the TicketCity blog. Matt is Bleacher Report’s No. 1 ranked writer, and his work has also been featured on, and USA Today.

The Most Intriguing Games Of The 2011 NFL Schedule

Instead of moping around, wondering if the 2011 NFL Season is going to happen, we’re going to celebrate what we are certain of: the 2011 NFL schedule. It was released yesterday, and after reading through it, we’ve decided which games to circle with a red pen on our calendar.

New York Jets at New England (Week 5): It was only in January that the New England Patriots and its fans stood stunned, aghast at watching New York Jets players prance around Gillette Stadium after booting the Pats from the playoffs. Well, it won’t take too long for New England to get its revenge as the Jets go in to Foxboro for an AFC-East clash that will get plenty of press–and justifiably so.

New Orleans at Green Bay (Week 1): The first the season holds a great match-up between the past two Super Bowl Champions. It features two of the best quarterbacks in the business, Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers and the previous title holder, Drew Brees. Chicago was previously believed to be the Packers’ opening day challenger, but we’ll be happy to see these two teams duke it out for early-season NFC supremacy.

Green Bay at San Diego (Week 9): Green Bay quarterback Rodgers and Chargers’ QB Philip Rivers were on the short list of rising NFL stars whose Super Bowl dreams were thisclose to happening. Rodgers is now wearing a Super Bowl ring, so Rivers’ reaction in this game will be telling. Can the NC State product finally realize his part of the dream this year, or will he be the Dan Marino to Rodgers’ Joe Montana for the foreseeable future?

Dallas at New York Jets (Week 1): The New York Jets took it to another level last season, reaching the AFC Championship game. Alas, they had nothing left to fight Pittsburgh with after beating the Patriots. They will begin another run against a team also looking to make it to the next level (the playoffs): the Dallas Cowboys. It might depend on Tony Romo’s health, but coming up with a big week one win against a strong AFC opponent might do wonders for the Cowboys’ psyche for the 2011 season.

TicketCity and Offer Easy Planning for Fall Travel

As temperatures begin to cool and leaves begin to turn, millions of travelers are expected to take to the road in pursuit of fall foliage in the Northeast, and when they do, TicketCity and will be there to provide recommendations for natural sites of interest, as well as live events they won’t want to miss along the way such as baseball, football and Broadway.

TicketCity partnered earlier this year with TripCart, the most comprehensive online Road Trip Planner and travel reference site.  Together, they have taken the guesswork out of planning exciting things to do while chasing fall’s ever-changing colors. Booking weekends full of sports and entertainment through the sites’ revolutionary combinations of enticing content and robust, interactive technology has made the information gathering process a breeze.  Not to mention TicketCity’s reputation for outstanding customer service, abundant seating options and guaranteed reliable transactions.

This fall, TripCart, TicketCity, and good ol’ Mother Nature herself present foliage fanatics and sports enthusiasts a weekend of colorful indulgence in the Northeast’s favorite cities.  And fall foliage tours aren’t limited to small towns in Vermont or the Rocky Mountains anymore and aren’t exclusively about the trees and leaves.

Highlights of TripCart’s unique Urban Fall Foliage Guide include information on hundreds of scenic spots and routes, including:

Red Leaves by David Hepworth.

  • Lunch among leaves and life at Massachusetts’ Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Drive through cranberry country just south of Boston along State Road 105, along twinkling ponds and red-gold forests.
  • Combine rich fall foliage with rich American history at Philadelphia’s Valley Forge National Historic Park.
  • Take a break from city hubbub and hike through tranquil, colorful Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.
  • Hop on Metro-North for a moving view of Hudson Valley Fall Foliage or grab the subway to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for a nap under the color-changing trees and then a stroll through trendy Park Slope. 

For those travelers looking to supplement their nature exploration with spectacular live sports or entertainment events, TicketCity offers no shortage of ideas to choose from:

Boston Red Sox by Keith Allison.

  • Catch the U2 360 concert tour at Gillette Stadium in Boston on September 20, 2009.
  • See Dave Matthews Band in concert at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ on September 19-20.
  • Celebrate the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame benefit event at Madison Square Garden on October 30, 2009.
  • Support the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox with tickets for events as they head into postseason baseball.
  • Enjoy NFL action with the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and New York Jets tickets throughout the entire NFL season.
  • Kickoff the NBA season with tickets to the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks or Boston Celtics.
  • Explore Broadway and all of its offering including tickets to shows such as The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre, and Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre.

Travelers are encouraged to mix and match nature with culture to create an itinerary that captures the best of fall foliage, entertainment, and fun. For more information on TripCart, or to begin planning your next excursion within the United States, visit For details on the hottest sports or entertainment tickets, visit