The Week in TicketCity Search – January 22nd

As the conference championships are this weekend, not surprisingly the NFL made a stronger play for the top this week, moving into the top 5 but only barely. Lady Gaga remains on top, while Mr. Bieber slips a bit to make room for something I’ve yet to talk about despite its being on the countdown for a 3rd week now. That would be the large international snow and ice related competition occurring in the 3rd largest city in Canada. You know, the city where Mulder and Scully spent many seasons pretending it was every place in America.

Taylor Swift tumbles a bit from the top five, where she ends up next to fellow country star and list newcomer Jason Aldean. Jason has been touring in support of his Wide Open album, which was released in April 2009. He will be appearing in the list’s #6 entry, The Houston Rodeo, as will the esteemed Mr. Bieber. Houston Rodeo shows in general are very hot and March isn’t that far off.

Finally another newcomer and a list rarity, comedian Chelsea Handler appears at #10. Chelsea isn’t the rarity, just comedians in general, who don’t usually show up here. While she isn’t showing up at the Houston Rodeo, she is on tour nationwide through at least May.

1 1 Lady Gaga
2 4 Winter Games
3 2 Justin Bieber
4 8 New Orleans Saints
5 10 Super Bowl
6 - Houston Rodeo
7 - Jason Aldean
8 3 Taylor Swift
9 5 Monster Jam
10 - Chelsea Handler

The Week in TicketCity Search – January 15th

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=carrie+underwood&iid=7476278" src="8/0/0/2/Peoples_Choice_Awards_670b.jpg?adImageId=9034298&imageId=7476278" width="234" height="351" /]

The harder it is to see the trophy,
the more valuable it is. Right?

With the bowl season over and the NFL playoffs still in early stages, this week concerts once again floated to the top. Lead by Lady Gaga, whose Monster Ball Tour will mean she is a fixture of the list for months to come, concerts dominate the top 3. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, also fixtures on the list, show no signs of slowing as they both climb significantly this week. The distinguished Mr. Bieber, whose meteoric rise to fame has yet to cool down, takes the #2 spot. As mentioned earlier this week, it was announced he will be closing out the Houston Rodeo. It has been explained to me that this is a big deal. I smiled and nodded.

Carrie Underwood returns this week, having released her latest album, Play On, in November. The former American Idol’s 2010 Tour is set to kick off in March. Though I don’t think her music will be blasting on SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! when the rather large, some might say ‘monstrous’, trucks of Monster Jam arrive at an arena near you this coming spring.

Finally the NFL does take a peek into the countdown, as Wild Card winners the Cowboys and the Saints show up in the bottom 5 in advance of their Divisional championship games this weekend. The big game itself appears at #10.

1 3 Lady Gaga
2 5 Justin Bieber
3 7 Taylor Swift
4 10 Winter Games
5 - Monster Jam
6 8 Miley Cyrus
7 - Carrie Underwood
8 - New Orleans Saints
9 6 Dallas Cowboys
10 - Super Bowl