The Week in TicketCity Search – Big Bowl Week

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 30th
1 - Cotton Bowl
2 - 2NE1
3 3 One Direction
4 4 George Strait
5 - BCS Bowl
6 2 WWE
7 - Gator Bowl
8 - Orange Bowl
9 - Indianapolis Colts
10 5 Rose Bowl

Kicking off 2014 with a bit of a gap, as I was out last Friday. With a notable exception, no real surprises this week. Bowls figure heavily, mostly because this is the week a lot of them happen. The Cotton Bowl makes the top of the list, and, like others, there’s still time for some (very) last-minute ticket purchases if you’re interested in checking out the showdown between OK State and Missouri in Arlington.

You’ve got a bit more time with the second bowl on the list, the big finale to the BCS era between Auburn and Florida State. The Gator Bowl is in the books at this point with a win by the Cornhuskers. The Orange Bowl is another last-minute buy for those who can make it to Miami Gardens, where the high will be 75° F with a few clouds. Sounds a lot better than what’s in store for the northeast.

1D and GS both remain exactly where they were 2 weeks ago. The only thing that’s different in who’s keeping them out of the top 2 spots. The second of which is this week’s wildcard, 2NE1. According to the Wikipedia article I’ll just quote to save time, it is “pronounced to anyone or twenty-one, combin(ing) the phrases ’21st century’ and ‘new evolution’.” They are a K-Pop girl group who just announced a new world tour. Unfortunately, their definition of “world” is short a couple hemispheres, including, I regret to inform you, dear reader, our own. So that means we probably won’t have a lot of tickets for the tour as it stands.

That being said, I am not missing an opportunity to provide you a bit of 2NE1 video magic. We’ve got a washed-out palette, what appears to be an 80′s vintage car, along with some fake snow in this video for a tune that translates to “Missing You,” their latest #1 hit. Protip, while there are at least 2 English phrases in this video, the rest is pretty much Korean.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Direction Bowl

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 9th
1 1 One Direction
2 2 George Strait
3 - Rose Bowl
4 - Sugar Bowl
5 - Alamo Bowl
6 - Cotton Bowl
7 - Orange Bowl
8 - Liberty Bowl
9 6 WWE
10 4 Beyoncé

Look at this way college football fans, if you add all the bowls together, they totally beat 5 kids from the UK. Classic case of a split vote keeps One Direction on top, and George Strait in a comfortable second place.

This brings us to the rich, nougaty center of the countdown, the post-bowl announcement frenzy. The Rose Bowl comes out on top, featuring a showdown between Stanford and Michigan State. Up next is the sweetest bowl, Sugar, which will bring Alabama and Oklahoma together. A bit of local seasoning may have given the Alamo and Cotton Bowls their respective places. They’re followed by Ohio State and Clemson in the Orange Bowl and a Rice / Mississippi State match-up in the Liberty Bowl.

Quite a few more Bowls that finished out of the Top 10, of course, including the final BCS Bowl between Florida State and Auburn. The four team playoff era begins next year. It appears there isn’t a lot of nostalgia for the current system, but just wait 20 years for people start saying things like “things were sooo much better back when we had the BCS game!” Okay… maybe not.

Beyoncé holds onto the top 10, possibly with a last second boot from that brand new album that just appeared out of nowhere. It’s a “visual album”, which appears to translate into “there’s videos for pretty much all the songs.” Which begs the question, nobody noticed Beyoncé filming 17 music videos? The only thing on YouTube is 30 second previews, but still the best option I have this week. So, enjoy your preview of a medium that was considered basically a commercial for a song in days past…

Best of the Bowls (10 through 6)

The bowl lineup is out and there are so many good match-ups, they’re impossibly to choose from – so I did just that. From the BCS National Championship to the GoDaddy Bowl, there’s a good time to be had watching football this bowl season. We ranked the Top 10 bowls, starting from….

#10  Poinsettia Bowl – December 26, 6:30 PM


That’s right, this Northern Illinois vs. Utah State game is on the list. The Huskies went 12-1 and came so close to playing in another bowl game, but they lost in the MAC Championship Game to Bowling Green. Utah State has a great defense and should give N. Iliinois QB and Heisman candidate Jordan Lynch all they can handle.

#9 Capital One Bowl – January 1, 1:00 PM


This match-up could have easily been a BCS game, but South Carolina vs. Wisconsin is a treat for those that will be in attendance at the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando. The Badgers have one of the best running games in the country, but will go up against a defensive line that has Jadeveon Clowney and Kelcy Quarles bearing down on them on every attempt. Melvin Gordon and James White will have their hands full get that 6.6 yards per carry against the Gamecocks.

#8 Orange Bowl – January 3, 8:30 PM


The team that was oh-so-close to playing in the National Championship has ended up in the Orange Bowl, as the Ohio State Buckeyes will take on the Clemson Tigers. Clemson finished second in their division to Florida State, and has the always-explosive Taj Boyd back firing on all cylinders after a rocky mid-season stretch. The last time Clemson was in the Orange Bowl, they allowed 70 points to West Virginia. They want to make that a distant memory with a win over Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes.

#7 Liberty Bowl – December 31, 4:00 PM


Rice won its first conference title since 1957 and will be playing in a bowl for the second consecutive time, which they also hadn’t done since 1960-61. Trying to spoil the Owls good time is Mississippi State, who was also not picked to have the best of seasons in 2013. Both teams have stout, hard-nosed defenses that will likely make this one of the lowest-scoring, yet close and entertaining games of the bowl season.

#6 New Orleans Bowl – December 21, 8:00 PM


It’s basically a home game for Tulane, but Louisiana-Lafayette is just up the highway so a large amount of fans for both schools should be in attendance for this one. The Green Wave haven’t been in a bowl game since 2002, while the Ragin’ Cajuns are making their third consecutive appearance in the bowl, winning the last two. Tulane is led by Nick Montana, son of Hall of Famer Joe Montana, and the Green Wave defense has forced 33 turnovers this season. This will be a close one, and Vegas agree with a current line at Pick’em.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Looks Like One Direction for 2013

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 31st
1 3 One Direction
2 1 Justin Bieber
3 2 Taylor Swift
4 6 BCS Bowl
5 - Cotton Bowl
6 - Orange Bowl
7 Redskins
8 Sugar Bowl
10 Super Bowl

Happy New Year. Fitting we start off with the top 3 playing musical chairs, as I have the impression this may go on for quite a while in 2013. At least through summer. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to go back to the 1D pun well for titles, so hopefully Miss Swift and Mister Beiber will prove up to the task of sharing the top spot.

Rounding out the top five are two bowl games that haven’t been played yet, but are very close. The BCS and Cotton Bowl effectively round out the college football season. You still have time to get your seats for the Fighting Irish’s return to the national championship game in Miami.

The bottom five has a couple bowl games that are already in the history books. Lots of searching over last weekend and, interestingly enough, New Years Day, helped the Orange and Sugar Bowls return to the countdown. Apparently lots of people shook off the previous evening’s revelries with some nice, quiet internet surfing.

The NFL playoffs will likely carve out a solid niche in the middle of the countdown in the coming month. This week the Redskins are the team of choice, plus, as usual, the goal of said playoffs, the Super Bowl. It will likely climb up a few notches from #10 as February 3rd nears.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Swift Bowling

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Dec. 10th
1 6 Taylor Swift
2 - Justin Bieber
3 3 One Direction
4 1 BCS Bowl
5 2 Cotton Bowl
6 - Dallas Cowboys
7 - Bon Jovi
8 - Luke Bryan
9 - Outback Bowl
10 8 Orange Bowl

I’d wax poetic about that candle-burning-brightly-but-not-lasting-long thing, but I can’t remember the quote exactly. Meh, that was inspiring enough, right? The candle in this horribly wounded metaphor is bowl game listings on the top ten in this very blog post. Not completely spent, but certainly not the force they were last week. There are only four bowls left, with the BCS the best placing at #4.

The brighter flames on the countdown are the ones we may be seeing vying for the top spot for months to come. This week it’s Taylor Swift, so girl power gets the drop on the Y-chromosome set.

Moving to the bottom five, Cowboys fans are looking to see those last few games, as the Boys have a chance to reach the postseason. They’re followed by Bon Jovi, who will need to bring their a-game if they plan to crack the top 3. Like the other contenders, Bon Jovi will be on the road this spring, touring in support of their to-be-released album, What About Now.

Luke Bryan rounds things out on the concert side, while the Outback Bowl squeezes in an appearance for the season, and the Orange Bowl drops two spots to last place this week.