The Week in TicketCity Search – Is Famous, Was Famous, Will Be Famous

TicketCity Week in Search

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Apr. 8t
1 10 Mumford & Sons
2 4 Maroon 5
3 - Paul McCartney
4 3 One Direction
5 - Rolling Stones
6 - Taylor Swift
7 8 Justin Bieber
8 - Depeche Mode
9 - Bruno Mars
10 - Rihanna

It’s only a question of when. When, precisely, you’ll be catching a concert this summer. With NHL and NBA playoffs not quite close enough, MLB opening day fever settling down, and the Derby still a few weeks off, the countdown is completely musical this week.

Mumford & Sons completes a rise to the top that took only two weeks. The London folk rockers have a busy touring schedule over the next few months, and fans eager to see them. Maroon 5 was close, but couldn’t secure the top spot.

England is well represented this week, on both ends of the age spectrum. One Sir Paul McCartney lands with a bang at #3. He’s playing a limited number of dates in May and June, driving up the usual high demand for his tickets. At one time Sir Paul was part of a group of young men in a band, similar in a certain (somewhat) vague sense to One Direction, whom he managed to dislodge from the #3 spot.

Yet another group of English band mates round out the top 5. The Rolling Stones are prepared to embark on the second leg of the 50 and Counting Tour. While 2012 was the official 50th anniversary of the band’s first gig in London, no reason not to keep it going. The Stones are known for long tours, and this one doesn’t look to be any different.

Down in the bottom five, we’re four English bands and counting, as Depeche Mode appears at #8. Having covered folk rock, pop, classic rock, we end up on synthpop. Depeche Mode’s new album, Delta Machine, arrived in March, and their tour will start up at the end of summer, moving into September and beyond.

The Week in TicketCity Search – June 17th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 1 College World Series
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 4 CONCACAF Gold Cup
4 - Widespread Panic
5 5 Rush
6 7 Taylor Swift
7 - Katy Perry
8 - Paul McCartney
9 - U2
10 - Blink-182

No change in the top 2 this week, as CWS fever has struck pretty hard this week. Lots of folks hungry to check out the CWS in its brand-new venue in Omaha, TD Ameritrade Park. Game 1 kicks off this very weekend, leading to a week and a half of top notch college baseball action. The esteemed Mr. Bieber hangs in at #2 this week, and, if the smoke rising from Vancouver is any indication, the Stanley Cup has been decided, giving the Gold Cup room to move into the #3 spot this week.

The rest of the list is all concerts, with rockers Widespread Panic in the lead this week at #4. They played a 2 night stand for ACL Live at the Moody Theatre, and Austinites were eager to see the shows. As they’ve since moved on, I don’t think they’ll be hanging on to the #4 spot next week. Rush is apparently in no hurry to move from the #5 spot and Taylor Swift jumps up one spot this week.

Katy Perry returns once more, with Paul McCartney returning after a slightly longer absence. He’s playing two big shows at Yankee Stadium in mid-July, the first of a group of shows over the summer at major ballparks across the country. U2 returns as the long delayed North American legs of the 360° tour are once again underway. Wrapping things up is Blink-182, passing by the countdown once again as they are scheduled to play dates in late summer that “may” be in support of a new album, assuming that album is finished in time.