The Week in TicketCity Search – June 3rd

TicketCity Week in Search

Catching up this week after a little extended vacation. A week after the ACL lineup announcement and it was nowhere to be found, only resurfacing, a distant last, this week. With room at the top, the esteemed Mr. Bieber moved back in and put down roots, taking it for two weeks in a row. He, Adele, and Taylor Swift eventually broke up this week, as the College World Series enters the top 10 at #2 and ManĂ¡ returns, as if by magic, to the #3 spot.

The women’s College World Series is already underway, and will last until June 7th or 8th. The ladies are playing at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. The men’s College World Series stars up June 18th at TD Ameritrade Park. Previous venue, Rosenblatt Stadium, hosted the event since 1950. The NCAA agreed to keep the CWS in Omaha until 2035 in exchange for the new stadium, so fans won’t have to change their travel plans any time soon.

Soccer appears on the countdown for the past two weeks as the US hosts the CONCACAF Gold Cup. The CONCACAF Gold Cup crowns the regional soccer champion of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Play for the cup crosses the country, playing in big venues all across the US for most of June. There is a big semi final match in Houston at Reliant Stadium and the final is being held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Rounding things out the Glee! Live tour has hung in there for a couple weeks now, followed by a returning Katy Perry. Finally Phish fans may be wondering if they’re going to be at ACL this year.

May 27-June 3

1 1 Justin Bieber
2 - College World Series
3 - ManĂ¡
4 2 Adele
5 4 CONCACAF Gold Cup
6 3 Taylor Swift
7 7 Glee! Live
8 - Katy Perry
9 - Phish
10 - ACL
May 20-27

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 3 Adele
3 4 Taylor Swift
4 - CONCACAF Gold Cup
5 - Indy 500
6 - NCAA Lacrosse
7 - Glee! Live
8 - Usher
9 6 WWE
10 - Elvis Costello

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 29th

Not surprisingly, the top of the countdown is dominated by the World Series. The big term is #1, while the Texas Rangers come in a close second. While their performance in the first couple games has been a little less than stellar, they’ve got home field advantage this weekend. Would be slightly anti-climatic to make to the Fall Classic for the first time and get swept, after all. I’m sure they’re just building up some dramatic tension. Win the next 3, lose Game 6, setting up the big showdown in Game 7, when all the Giants fans will end up cheering for the Rangers in a final dramatic play. All very Rocky IV.

In a more sports themed countdown than usual, Ghostland Observatory shoots into the #3 spot from nowhere. The local boys made good performed last night at the Cedar Park Center, so I bet that had something to do with it. Not to worry, if you missed them, they’ll be in the general vicinity (Houston then Dallas), this weekend.

The Breeders Cup remains popular, holding steady at #4, while Phish again rise up the charts from #9 to #5. That would only be really funny if Dolly Parton managed the same feat. Baylor and Auburn pop into the list below Phish. Baylor is playing Texas this weekend, a factor in both teams ending up on the countdown.

Finally, in something of an inversion of the countdown from month past, both Lady Gaga and the esteemed Mr. Bieber appear at the bottom. I suppose mentioning his absence last weekend was enough to bring him back.

1 3 World Series
2 1 Texas Rangers
3 - Ghostland Observatory
4 4 Breeders Cup
5 9 Phish
6 - Baylor Football
7 - Auburn Football
8 - Justin Bieber
9 2 Texas Longhorns
10 - Lady Gaga

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 22

Catching up this week, and an interestingly auspicious one it is, as it appears we’ve gone two weeks without the esteemed Mr. Beiber on the countdown. That of course, is nearly as impressive as the performance of the Texas Rangers, who went from 2nd to 1st over the past couple weeks by turning in a performance that few would probably admit they expected. They are one win away from their first trip to the World Series. That will probably end up being a pretty big deal up in Dallas.

In other sporting news the Breeder’s Cup is a bit more popular this year, climbing the charts from 9 to 4. It’s a two day event, scheduled for November 5th and 6th, so ample time to get your tickets. On the football side of things, both the Longhorns and the Cowboys appeared this week, though at opposite ends of the list. We do draw closer to the postseason for both college and pro football. The NCAA conference championships are always big, and a good warm up to bowl season in December.

Shakira hangs in at #5 for a couple weeks, similar to other concert performers, Usher, Roger Waters, and Phish. Phish are enjoying a Beiber-like run for weeks now. Comedian Aziz Ansari came through town this week, and made it to #6 on the countdown as a result.

1 2 Texas Rangers
2 - Texas Longhorns
3 - World Series
4 9 Breeders Cup
5 5 Shakira
6 - Aziz Ansari
7 4 Usher
8 8 Roger Waters
9 3 Phish
10 - Dallas Cowboys

October 15th

1 1 ACL Festival
2 - Texas Rangers
3 6 Phish
4 - Usher
5 10 Shakira
6 4 Lady Gaga
7 - Rammstein
8 - Roger Waters
9 - Breeders Cup
10 7 WWE

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 8th

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=deadmau5&iid=9120108" src="" width="234" height="328" /]

Mr. deadmau5, I presume.

As I write this, it’s less than fifteen minutes before Two Tons of Steel are scheduled to kick off ACL Fest. In the week leading up to this weekend’s musical festivities, ACL became even hotter, blowing the proverbial doors off the top 10 and easily ending up on top. Second place goes to official ACL post show performer deadmau5. For those unfamiliar with even the barest hint of “leetspeak”, the “5″ is an “s” and it’s pronounced “dead mouse”. Not only is this deadmau5′ first appearance on the countdown, it’s the first appearance of anyone prone to wearing a large mouse head on stage.

ACL headliners The Eagles slip into the #3 spot, giving the entire top 3 over to ACL. I’ll just insert the obligatory “Phish is also at ACL” sentence in here, since they managed to remain exactly where they were last week at #6. ACL did put a bit of a dampener on Lady Gaga, but it places her in prime position to recapture the top spot next week.

Random college football team slips in, as the Yellow Jackets enter the countdown for what I believe is their first time to round out the top 5. Numbers 6 and 7 remain unchanged from last week, while all the ACL action has pushed Drake down from 5 to 8. At the very tail end, the esteemed Mr. Bieber clings tenaciously to the countdown, flipping positions with Shakira from last week.

1 2 ACL Festival
2 - deadmau5
3 - Eagles
4 3 Lady Gaga
5 - Georgia Tech Football
6 6 Phish
7 7 WWE
8 5 Drake
9 10 Justin Bieber
10 9 Shakira

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 1st

Combining all the various terms people used to find this weekend’s Texas-OU game, there really was no contest, despite the fact that ACL did put up a pretty impressive set of numbers too. The numbers are even higher than they were last year. Thought perhaps the recent UCLA game would dampen enthusiasm a bit, but it appears this game is immune that sort of effect. This will be two big weekends in a row, Texas-OU followed by ACL.

Gaga held on #3, while Daniel Tosh, who had made a brief appearance on the list a few weeks back in the bottom 5, returns at #4. The Tosh.0 star is one of the few comedians who have cracked the top 10, making this week all the more notable as another, Chelsea Handler, appears as well. Her show is down in nearby San Antonio tonight.

Drake climbs a bit to #8, and while I should just count Phish search as part of ACL at this point, I don’t and continue to let them hang around. Still pointedly avoiding a large amount of jokes based on their appearance on The Simpsons back in 2002. So, they’re on October 8th, Phish fans, don’t space on the date.

1 4 Texas Football
2 1 ACL Festival
3 3 Lady Gaga
4 - Daniel Tosh
5 8 Drake
6 - Phish
7 - WWE
8 - Chelsea Handler
9 - Shakira
10 9 Justin Bieber