Giving Thanks for the High Kick

Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

I was easily amused as a kid.

Growing up, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was rather the big deal around my house. There were different reasons for this. I, the adolescent boy, was more interested in the balloons of the superheroic persuasion, and, of course, the “seasonal inaugural appearance” of the big man himself. This was the mid ’80s, so the Christmas season hadn’t quite been dialed back to November 1st yet. Between balloons, my sheltie and I amused ourselves or checked on the early stages of Thanksgiving dinner preparation.

If we were both good, we got pieces of ham.

Now, those bits I skipped included the floats trucking that season’s selection of pop stars and impending fall TV failures through the streets of NYC, as well as showcases of Broadway performers. Each year a few of the shows on Broadway get to do one number. Usually these are picked from the shows that debuted that year. This year you’ll get to see:

Now, of paramount importance to certain family members was always the final Broadway performance of the Parade: The Rockettes.

My mom, aunt, and one of her kids were really into dance, so the Rockettes were always a big deal. Being way before the Rockettes really did any touring, there wasn’t any other opportunity to see them without going to Radio City Music Hall, so the Parade was “must-see-TV”. So, when they arrived on screen, the call would go out, and the family would gather in front of the TV to watch the ladies line up and kick.

Fortunately, the Rockettes and their Christmas Spectacular get around a little more these days. For many recent seasons a touring company of Rockettes have put the show on around the country, while the NYC team keeps the seats filled at Radio City. The amount of cities they visit varies year to year, but it certainly makes it easier to catch the Christmas Spectacular without having to solely rely on a single number in the Macy’s Parade.

Elf – The 2010 Broadway Musical

Broadway again dips into the Hollywood well as news arrives that Elf is to become a Broadway musical in 2010. The 2003 film has reached the coveted critical mass of “holiday classic”, at least judging by how many times it’s showing up on the USA Network this year. Personally, I’m more A Christmas Story fan, and confess that I haven’t watched Elf front to back. Still, it was directed by the guy who did Iron Man and has Zooey Deschanel in it, so it must be pretty decent.

The story of Elf, The Musical hews close to the source material, spinning the tale of a boy who gets into Santa’s bag and ends up raised by elves at the North Pole. Eventually fully grown and less classically “elf-like” in proportion, he decides to return home to find his roots in Manhattan. Heartfelt sentiment, I’m sure, ensues.

[picapp align="center" wrap="false" link="term=radio+city&iid=7410597" src="5/f/9/7/Radio_City_Christmas_0424.JPG?adImageId=8513891&imageId=7410597" width="234" height="135" /]

Elf will join two other big holiday shows: the very long running, and legged, Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Musical Hall, and the more recent White Christmas, itself another musical inspired by a Hollywood movie. You can pick up tickets to both currently running shows on their tickets pages: White Christmas Tickets and Christmas Spectacular Tickets. Elf, The Musical won’t be around this season, but look for it next year on Broadway.

Top Overall Ticket Events for November

Looks like Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets are on the rise this month, as holiday ticket demand ensues.  The trend follows the results for tickets purchased in the week ending November 9.  Only the musical Wicked is in higher demand than the popular Christmas extravaganza, according to last week’s numbers.  Here is the list of top overall events for the week ending November 9.

1. Wicked Tickets
2. Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets
3. AC/DC Tickets
4. Jersey Boys Tickets
5. The Eagles Tickets
6. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets
7. Madonna Tickets
8. New England Patriots Tickets
9. Coldplay Tickets
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