The Week in TicketCity Search – May 14th

Not what I would have expected, but Tool has reached the top. The alt-metal band’s tour doesn’t kick off until June, but interest has certainly spiked. Some of the earliest dates are around our area, so that may have something to do with it. Following them is Roger Waters, whose Wall Live tour doesn’t start until September but is nearly as hot. Fans are searching early for these tickets. Rounding out the top 3 is the WWE, who have never been hotter, literally, as this is the highest they’ve ever appeared on the countdown.

Things take a turn for the more familiar as the esteemed Mr. Bieber and Lady Gaga complete the the top 5 and usher us to Conan O’Brien at #6. His comedy tour hits Austin tonight, so this last minute surge is not unexpected. Adam Lambert tumbles from an impressive #1 last week, settling down at #7, just ahead of Carrie Underwood, who managed to gain a spot. Rush also tumbled, landing at #9 from #2 last week.

Finally, just like Tool and Roger Waters fans, it seems the Cowboys faithful are shopping early for tickets to the 2010 season. The Dallas team winds up at #10 this week, well ahead of when I’d be expecting to see some NFL presence on the list.

1 7 Tool
2 8 Roger Waters
3 6 WWE
4 3 Justin Bieber
5 - Lady Gaga
6 - Conan O’Brien
7 1 Adam Lambert
8 9 Carrie Underwood
9 2 Rush
10 - Dallas Cowboys

The Week in TicketCity Search – May 7th

The list turned upside down this week. A radical reshaping in the week Post-Derby that sees Lady Gaga out and some interesting newcommers popping in. Of course, since the list includes last weekend, the Derby still appears, managing to cling to the top 5. It was former #10 Adam Lambert who had the best week of all, leaping the entire list to take the #1 spot. The top five spots reverse from Adam through to the Derby, including a resurgent and still esteemed Mr. Bieber.

The lower five sees the WWE pop back in once again, followed by Tool, who’ve been absent for quite a while, but return with new dates this summer in June and July. Veteran rocker Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is setting out on The Wall Live Tour this fall. Dates for the fall tour were only announced recently and there’s big interest already. The tour will see Waters perform Floyd’s famous rock opera The Wall live, similar to his previous Dark Side of The Moon Live Tour.

Another newcommer to the countdown but hardly music in general is the venerable rock band the Eagles. The legendary group, composed of, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit, are touring jointly with the Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban this summer, in keeping with their country rock roots.

1 10 Adam Lambert
2 6 Rush
3 8 Justin Bieber
4 7 Drake
5 1 Kentucky Derby
6 - WWE
7 - Tool
8 Roger Waters
9 3 Carrie Underwood
10 Eagles

Summer 2010 Concert Tours

You know it is almost summer when concert tours take over the nation! Here are a few of the hottest concerts on-sale this week:

Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Tour, May-July

Rihanna & Kesha: Last Girl on Earth Tour, July-August

Justin Bieber: My World 2.0 Tour, June-September

The Eagles: Long Road Out of Eden Tour, May-June

Roger Waters: The Wall Tour, September-December

Aventura: U.S. Tour, June-July

RUSH: Time Machine Tour, June-October

Santana: Universal Tone Tour, June-August

Doobie Brothers/Chicago: 2010 Tour, May-September

Goo Goo Dolls: The Inner Machine Tour, May-August

Lilith Fair: 2010 Tour, June-August

Visit the Concert Tickets page to find local concerts in your area!

The Week in TicketCity Search – April 30th

It’s Derby week, and nowhere is that more apparent than on our countdown. Well, perhaps in Louisville, Kentucky, but only by a little… Yes, the Derby and Oaks won handily this week, knocking Lady Gaga off the top. Her fall was steep, so steep, that she didn’t land at #3. No, that spot went to a resurgent Carrie Underwood, who may be in for a long run thanks to a concert tour that runs almost non-stop through the rest of 2010.

George Strait gains a couple spots to round out the top 5, while Rush remains at a mellow #6 for a third week in a row. Not sure, but that may be the most constant occupation of the #6 slot in all countdown history. Continuing to bounce in and out of the countdown, Drake returns at #7… just head of someone who fell a lot harder than Lady Gaga. Yes, the esteemed Mr. Bieber hit #8 this week, barely ahead of Spurs fans who are following their team into the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

Finally, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert debuts on the countdown at #10. Not sure what it is about American Idol losers. Granted, you don’t have to do much to outperform a lot of American Idol winners… Lambert is playing a limited set of dates coming up in June for the “Glam Nation” Tour. Currently only one date is set past June, but more could be added, so keep checking back or signup for for updates on the Adam Lambert tickets page.

1 2 Kentucky Derby
2 3 Kentucky Oaks
3 9 Carrie Underwood
4 1 Lady Gaga
5 7 George Strait
6 6 Rush
7 - Drake
8 4 Justin Bieber
9 - San Antonio Spurs
10 - Adam Lambert

The Week in TicketCity Search – April 23rd

The Kentucky Derby and Oaks return to the countdown after a weeks absence. While traditional Derby wear for the ladies includes some big hats, they still have nothing on whatever Lady Gaga wears on a daily basis. She remains at the top, while Louisville’s long lived horse racing traditions have cost the esteemed Mr. Bieber the #2 spot. The WWE remains at a strong #5, a consistently higher showing than usual considering their line-ups were effected by last week’s volcano-induced air travel shutdown.

The bottom five finds some returning favorites and one new entry. Rush remains #6, while George Strait tumbles a bit to #7. Sharon Jones appears for the first time on the countdown. I take it efficiency was the only reason no one added The Dap Kings to their search efforts. The funk/soul band is on tour now, playing dates through June.

Rounding out the top 10 are former favorites Carrie Underwood and Aerosmith. After last year’s troubled tour, the rockers are setting out once again to play dates in Europe and South/Central America on the Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour.

1 1 Lady Gaga
2 - Kentucky Derby
3 - Kentucky Oaks
4 2 Justin Bieber
5 5 WWE
6 6 Rush
7 4 George Strait
8 - Sharon Jones
9 - Carrie Underwood
10 - Aerosmith