Rarer than Rare

Saturday, July 21st, the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies took to the field for the second game in a three game series. Matt Cain was on the mound for the Giants and Cole Hamels for the Phillies. What started as just another baseball game took a turn for true rarity in the third inning. It started with Cain’s at bat in the top of the third, where he took Hamels’ 88mph off-speed pitch yard to left field. The pitcher’s homer alone is something that is rarely seen in the MLB. What makes this game rarer than rare occurs in the bottom of the third when Hamels does the same to Matt Cain. In true payback fashion, Cole Hamels unloads on Cain’s first fastball and sends it over the wall in right center. Not only do two pitchers have home runs in this game, but they did it off one another in the same inning. This is something that has not been done for over 20 years. The last time it happened was in 1990 when Fernando Valenzuela of the Dodgers and Kevin Gross of the Expos put on the show.

To keep the theme of rarity going, I decided to give the TicketCity Play of the Week a double dose of features. The second play this week comes from the NBA summer league. With the clock winding down in the fourth quarter of the Memphis Washington game, the Grizzlies point guard Jeremy Pargo displays some incredible ball handling and passing skills. After splitting the defense with a few crossover dribbles, Pargo makes a sly no look pass to Mitchell Watt for the two point bucket. In all, the point guard shakes off three defenders and leaves the other two staring in awe as they try to comprehend what they just witnessed. The Gonzaga point guard went undrafted in 2009, spending two years in various summer league programs and playing ball in the Israeli Basketball Super League. It wasn’t until December of last year that the Memphis Grizzlies extended a two year contract to Pargo.

To see the rare double pitcher home run video click here.

Here is the Jeremy Pargo show.

SF Giants’ Brian Wilson and Cody Ross Want To Make Your Weekend Dynamite

It looks like the time Giants reliever Brian Wilson and first baseman Cody Ross spent on the DL to open the season did not go to waste. We know this thanks to this video starring internet sensation Keenan Cahill. The 16-year-old Cahill, who has Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, has been spending his pre-college years only hanging around his house, busting moves and lip-synching hot dance tracks with the likes of 50 Cent, David Guetta and now, the two baseball Giants helping him with Taio Cruz’s hit. It should bring a smile to anyone’s face this great weekend (or whenever you get to see this!).

2010 World Series Bracket

At the outset of the 2010 MLB Playoffs, there weren’t many who were predicting the final bracket would take this shape. That’s part of the fun of the playoffs, though. First up are the San Francisco Giants, who haven’t been to the October Classic since 1954, and at the time they were the New York Giants of record. On the other, this is the Texas Rangers’ first appearance in The World Series in franchise history. Whoever wins, it will be historic.

2010 World Series Bracket

2010 World Series Bracket

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What Are Your Favorite 2010 World Series Subplots?

At the onset of both League Championship series, the consensus was that the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies were going to play deeper into October. The San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers? They were the underdogs, only there for show. Well, that’s why they play the games. We think this series has as many subplots (if not more) than one with just about any other combination of teams. These are four of them we’re looking at come Wednesday night.

  • Does good pitching always trump good hitting? The Giants’ staff of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez led a rotation that had the best ERA and strikeout total in the Majors. The Rangers come in winning each of their playoff games by an average of 5.5 runs behind the hot bats of Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz and Vladimir Guerrero. Immovabale object, meet unstoppable force.
  • First title in a long time… or ever? The Giants haven’t won it all since they resided in Brooklyn 56 years ago. That’s longer than the Rangers’ franchise has been around, fifty years of futility that hasn’t even seen a trip to the Series.
  • Redemption stories. Over the past year Lincecum, Hamilton and Rangers manager Ron Washington have all been involved in well publicized off-the-field drug issues, which they have put behind them. Nice to see one or two of them win a title after cleaning up.
  • The hair. The Rangers aren’t exactly the (literally) clean-cut, ’80s-era Steinbrenner Yankees. But between Lincecum’s shaggy ‘do and closer Brian Wilson’s dyed-black beard, the Giants are obviously a team deeply rooted in San Francisco’s devil-may-care attitude. We’d love to see one of them propose shaving their heads or beards off if they win. Now that would be more interesting than a rehashed rivalry.

Is there anything we missed? Leave us a message in the comments letting us know what you’re looking forward to in this year’s World Series!