The Week in TicketCity Search – The Cowboy Rides Half Away

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
May 27th
1 George Strait
2 One Direction
3 Luke Bryan
4 Taylor Swift
6 Mumford & Sons
7 Justin Bieber
8 Beyoncé
9 Justin Timberlake
10 Bruno Mars

George Strait’s gig at the Alamodome hits the top of the countdown this week, surprising no one. This is the last stop of this leg of The Cowboys Rides Away Tour. George will be on the horse and riding for at least 20 more dates in 2014, so fans who can’t make this show will have another shot next year. He’ll be joined by both Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert for the Saturday show.

1D’s residency remains solid. They are a few short weeks away from their show at the BB&T Center which kicks off a rather plentiful set of dates in the States. There seems to be no shortage of demand for them, either. Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift to provide some additional country flavor to the top five, where the WWE rounds things out.

The other set of familiar Brits, Mumford & Sons kick off the bottom five. They (probably) lack the screaming tween girl fan base of 1D, but have done very well nonetheless. They also beat out some rather poppy contenders in the remainder of the countdown, from Beyoncé to Bieber to Bruno.

Timberlike kinda ruined the whole ‘B’ thing I had going there.

The Week in TicketCity Search – Racing to the Top

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
May 13th
1 1 Taylor Swift
2 4 Justin Timberlake
3 3 Paul McCartney
4 2 One Direction
5 - Luke Bryan
6 - V8 Super Cars
7 5 Beyoncé
8 7 Bruno Mars
9 - Boston Bruins
10 - Texas Rangers

Who’s who of big summer concert tours in the top five this week. Taylor Swift enjoys another week at the top, followed by Justin Timberlake. Timberlake’s success may, ironically, be due more to his fall tour announcement than his actual summer tour. Either way, Timberlake fans who’ve been missing him on stage will have a lot to love in 2013.

A returning Luke Bryan follows the Brits on the countdown. Bryan’s latest album, Spring Break…Here to Party, arrived last month, and his summer tour is in full swing. The tour features guests Thompson Square and Florida Georgia Line, giving fans a lot of great country music for their ticket.

Racing at the Circuit of the Americas starts off the bottom five. The V8 Super Car Test event finishes up this Saturday, so you can still have time to check out this unique style of racing.

Beyoncé tumbles a bit this week, and Bruno climbs up to catch her. Rounding things out we’ve got a couple of pro teams. The Bruins going up against the Rangers in the second round of the NHL Playoffs, and the Texas Rangers are, just, you know, playing baseball.

The Week in TicketCity Search – This Week’s 80s Fashion Dispatch

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
May 6th
1 3 Taylor Swift
2 2 One Direction
3 8 Paul McCartney
4 - Justin Timberlake
5 7 Beyoncé
6 - George Strait
7 - Bruno Mars
8 9 Justin Bieber
9 - ACL Fest
10 - Maroon 5

Homecoming week here on the countdown, as a lot of former top performers crowd in. A homecoming of sorts for Taylor Swift, who returns to the #1 spot after some time. She’s never been too far from the top for many months, and the momentum of the Red Tour only appears to be strengthening. Various lads from that most United of Kingdoms round out the top 3.

Popping into fourth place is Justin Timberlake. Timerlake’s Legends of Summer Tour with Jay-Z is already booked. His recent pop is thanks to the announcement of the tour after that one. Following a short break, Timberlake goes solo for The 20/20 Experience World Tour. That gets underway in October, and will be keeping fans warm throughout the cooler months into 2014.

Beyoncé rounds out the top 5 and George Strait opens the bottom 5. His big June 1st Alamodome concert will likely ensure we’ll be seeing him for the next few weeks. Bruno Mars, who had a short, but solid top 3 run, returns at #7, where’s he is followed by current bottom 5 fixture, the esteemed Mr. Bieber.

Timberlake’s next tour wasn’t the only announcement this week. The 2013 ACL Fest lineup was announced at midnight on the 7th and resulted in a frenzy of early interest. Headliners this year appeal to the usual eclectic variety of fans, and include Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, The Cure, Eric Church, and Muse.

For the element of that eclectic variety that may not be quite so aware of why Depeche Mode is headlining (or that they existed), here’s a little ditty from 1984 I saw played on MTV! (Weird, right? I mean… music, on MTV). Enjoy the hair…

The Week in TicketCity Search – Buffett Blew into Town

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Apr. 29th
1 - Jimmy Buffett
2 4 One Direction
3 2 Taylor Swift
4 5 Kentucky Oaks
5 - George Strait
6 Darren Criss
7 - Beyoncé
8 - Paul McCartney
9 10 Justin Bieber
10 - Kentucky Derby

I believe I know where Mr. Buffett is gonna go when the volcano blow: top of the TicketCity Week in Search Countdown! This (horrible) joke brought to you by the fact that I’m old enough to have grown up with the song “Volcano” as a staple of top 40 radio. It is also part of “The Big 8″ you’re likely to hear at any Buffet concert, including the one tonight at the Austin 360 Amphitheater. Thanks to the wind, you still have a chance to see this leg of the Songs From Somewhere Tour after it was rescheduled from last night.

Lots of movement across the countdown, though as usual the boys in 1D aren’t doing a lot of it. After a slight falter, they’re back at #2, followed by Miss Swift, who lands at #3.

The Oaks gains a spot. Last chance to get your Derby on this weekend. The most exciting 2 minutes in sports just makes it to the countdown at #10. Ladies, if you’ve been thinking: “I’ve got this really big hat and no place to wear it,” then you can’t miss the Derby.

George Strait rounds out the top 5. As expected, the June 1st show at the Alamodome is heating up. George will likely have a good run the next few weeks. He’s followed by Darren Criss, who is… um… one sec… from Glee! Yes, Wikipedia tells me that he is from Glee, and that I am… um… old, yes, old.

Both Beyoncé and Paul McCartney return this week. Each of their tours will get underway this month, so perhaps Beyoncé will one again become the powerhouse she was months ago.


The Week in TicketCity Search – Swift Rush to the Top

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Apr. 22nd
1 - Rush
2 4 Taylor Swift
3 - The Lumineers
4 2 One Direction
5 3 Kentucky Oaks
6 - Bruno Mars
7 - Dallas Cowboys
8 - New Orleans Saints
9 - Carrie Underwood
10 8 Justin Bieber

At the risk of having my interneting privileges revoked, I won’t make any snarky comments about Rush, who landed at the top of the countdown this week. They’re on the Clockwork Angels Tour, which takes them through August with over 20 more dates. Taylor Swift reverses a downward slide and returns to the #2 spot.

The Lumineers make their countdown debut this week. The indie folk rockers have been raising their profile in the past year or so, and their self titled debut album has been certified Platinum. The group is quite busy for the next couple months, which is good for all the fans who’ll be seeing them all over the country. That includes the fans around Austin at tonight’s show in the shiny new Austin360 Amphitheater.

One Direction falls out of the top three, though that will likely be a brief inconvenience, and the Oaks slips a bit down to #5.

Bruno Mars returns this week after short but strong run earlier this year. His tour has yet to officially kick off, that’s not until June, so he may not have the momentum to hang around too long.

Finally, a little early NFL fever hits the countdown this week. With the official 2013 schedules out and the draft ongoing, it’s not too surprising fans are getting the urge to check out some games.