The Week in TicketCity Search – Two Festivals for the Price of Two!

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 15t
1 3 Mississippi State Football
2 6 George Strait
3 4 Justin Bieber
4 5 One Direction
5 1 ACL Fest
6 - Texas Football
7 - Detroit Tigers
8 10 Houston Texans
9 - Florida Football
10 6 W Virginia Football

Not a lot of change in the top five this week. Of course, the biggest is the ACL Fest, expectedly, dropping from the top spot and landing at #5. That showing is mostly on the strength of last weekend’s searches. While you’ve got a while until the next ACL, you’ll have more chances to get there. They announced, like Coachella, they’ll be doubling up and doing two weekends instead of one next year.

George Strait was the big winner this week, putting those young whippersnappers in their place as he climbs over them from #6 last week. His latest, and last, tour is generating a lot of buzz.

The aforementioned whippersnappers both gain a spot from the ACL drop, with the touring Bieber maintaining the same slim lead over 1D he’s had for a few weeks now.

The bottom five is all sports, mostly college football. The Tigers put in an appearance as they steamroll the Yankees on their way to a berth in The World Series, their first since 2006. Over in the NL, St. Louis could settle things tonight and make the match-up official. Either way, the World Series will be underway October 24th.

The Week in TicketCity Search – October 1st

Combining all the various terms people used to find this weekend’s Texas-OU game, there really was no contest, despite the fact that ACL did put up a pretty impressive set of numbers too. The numbers are even higher than they were last year. Thought perhaps the recent UCLA game would dampen enthusiasm a bit, but it appears this game is immune that sort of effect. This will be two big weekends in a row, Texas-OU followed by ACL.

Gaga held on #3, while Daniel Tosh, who had made a brief appearance on the list a few weeks back in the bottom 5, returns at #4. The Tosh.0 star is one of the few comedians who have cracked the top 10, making this week all the more notable as another, Chelsea Handler, appears as well. Her show is down in nearby San Antonio tonight.

Drake climbs a bit to #8, and while I should just count Phish search as part of ACL at this point, I don’t and continue to let them hang around. Still pointedly avoiding a large amount of jokes based on their appearance on The Simpsons back in 2002. So, they’re on October 8th, Phish fans, don’t space on the date.

1 4 Texas Football
2 1 ACL Festival
3 3 Lady Gaga
4 - Daniel Tosh
5 8 Drake
6 - Phish
7 - WWE
8 - Chelsea Handler
9 - Shakira
10 9 Justin Bieber

The Week in TicketCity Search – September 24th

No surprise ACL remains at the #1 spot, though it seems Phish fans have figured out that it’s better to just search for the festival instead of the band. Rush fans have stepped up as the band is moving through Texas this weekend. After an absence that is due, I’m sure, to the fact that the Monster Ball Tour is now overseas, Lady Gaga returns to the countdown as a date in our own little town is announced.

We won’t forget that it’s still football season, though, as the Longhorns gain a rank and the Razorbacks drop in to the list at #7. Between them we have some fresher concert performers. Usher, who has been on the list in the past, is touring in support of his recent album Versus.

According to my watch, it doesn’t seem to be 1995, but the Smashing Pumpkins are on the countdown at #6. Wikipedia suggests these are not your father’s Pumpkins. No matter, Billy Corgan is still there and he’s part of one of my favorite gags of the Simpsons‘ “Homerpalooza” episode.

Drake climbs a couple spots, over the esteemed Mr. Bieber, whose fortunes have taken a hit again this week. That leaves us with Kings of Leon, who sneak into the #10 slot after a long absence.

1 1 ACL Festival
2 8 Rush
3 - Lady Gaga
4 5 Texas Football
5 - Usher
6 - Smashing Pumpkins
7 - Arkansas Football
8 10 Drake
9 3 Justin Bieber
10 - Kings of Leon

The Week in TicketCity Search – Sept. 17th

Call it the revenge of the concert performers? Perhaps just that the buzz of football season openers have given way to the more reserved regular season. Either way, football teams have drifted off the list this week, replaced by a varied selection of performing artists. We also have our first tie in countdown history, at #1 no less. Since Phish are performing at ACL, it’s even more interesting. I can’t really count them as the same, since Phish are on tour and it’s not necessarily people looking for their gig at ACL.

Either way, our little local festival and Phish have successfully knocked the esteemed Mr. Bieber down. He’s joined by Jay-Z, who, along with Eminem two spots down, got a boost from their Home & Home Tour. Those shows have past, but they’ll be on tour again, I’m sure.

Football wasn’t completely banished from the list. The usual suspects, Longhorns and Cowboys, remain, at 5 and 7 respectively. They weren’t the only sporting contests on the countdown though. Thanks to a large local show, the UFC charted for what may have been the first time in countdown history.

1 (tie) 8 Phish
1 - ACL Festival
3 2 Justin Bieber
4 - Jay-Z
5 1 Texas Football
6 - Eminem
7 3 Dallas Cowboys
8 10 Rush
9 - UFC
10 - Drake

The Week in TicketCity Search – September 10th

You may not have noticed, but I didn’t post this last Friday. So today we have two lists. Exciting, I know, so let’s dive right in.

Football season gets into full swing with both regular season NFL and NCAA games. That means our usual concert heavy list has been taken over by large men with shoulder pads. If this was the 80′s, then most of the female concert performers would at least have those in common with the football players. For two weeks in a row our local football team has topped the list, dethroning the esteemed Mr. Bieber. Yes, he may have 3% of Twitter’s entire network capacity devoted to him, but even he can’t stay on top in the first month of football season.

Still ongoing, the US Open mills about in the middle of the list. While the Dallas Cowboys are the only NFL team with enough juice to make and remain on the list in the midst of high levels of college football interest. Of the college football teams that find favor, no surprise that schools from the SEC and Big 12 are heavily represented.

The concert performers that mange to fill in the cracks between football teams have been bouncing around quite a bit the past few weeks. Last week, Eminem managed to find a spot in the lower 5, while this week 3 bands that constantly warp in and out of the list appear once more, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, and Rush.

1 1 Texas Football
2 4 Justin Bieber
3 8 Dallas Cowboys
4 6 Alabama Football
5 - Dave Matthews Band
6 5 US Open
7 2 LSU Football
8 - Phish
9 - Mississippi State Football
10 - Rush

Sept 3rd List

1 6 Texas Football
2 - LSU Football
3 5 Jersey Boys
4 1 Justin Bieber
5 10 US Open
6 - Alabama Football
7 - Texas A&M Football
8 - Dallas Cowboys
9 - Eminem
10 - Daniel Tosh