The Week in TicketCity Search – Finally

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Apr. 1st
1 - Final Four
2 3 Pink
3 2 One Direction
4 5 Maroon 5
5 - Texas Rangers
6 1 Taylor Swift
7 - Kenny Chesney
8 4 Justin Bieber
9 - Bon Jovi
10 - Mumford & Sons

The Final Four tops the list as the championship is almost on top of us. With a single thing to search for, it makes it a lot easier for the title match-ups to make a dent on the list. In this case, the dent is pretty big. As the final match is on Monday, it may yet make the top ten next week as well.

Pink continues to climb the charts, and, outside of a popular national collegiate basketball championship, would have made it to the top this week. 1D remains in the top 3, ever the unflappable Englishmen. The official 2013 World Tour will be making the rounds in Europe this spring, and will hit the US in June.

Maroon 5′s dance card remains packed. The band’s current tour may be winding down, but they’ll be on the road again after a short break, headlining the Honda Civic Tour next fall.

To remind us that it is now, very officially, baseball season, the Rangers debut at #5 this week.

Taylor Swift’s recapture of the top spot was short lived, and she falls back to #6. The bottom five is where a similar fate awaited Justin Bieber, who dropped four spots to #8. A few returning favorites slip in there as well, with Kenny Chesney and Bon Jovi appearing after long absences.

Finally, another British band who aren’t exactly boys makes their countdown debut in the tenth spot. Mumford & Sons is a folk rock quartet out of London who exploded (in a folky fashion) into the US with the hit "Little Lion Man." Their Gentlemen of the Road Tour is playing two shows in a number of locations around the US, including the new Austin360 Amphitheater.

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The Week in TicketCity Search – Stampede!

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Aug. 6th
1 4 Longhorns Football
2 8 Mississippi State Football
3 1 One Direction
4 10 Real Madrid
5 6 Arkansas Football
6 3 Justin Bieber
7 9 Jason Aldean
8 - WWE
9 5 KISS
10 - Texas Rangers

Color me surprised. If you’d bet me 1D would keep the top spot throughout football season, I would have taken that bet. See, now you’re out a free lunch…

Yes, August has dawned and college football clobbers the teens from England, sending them down not one, but two spots to #3. This is a fairly auspicious occasion, as One Direction has owned the countdown since early spring. I had just given up on trying to write title puns for them. Who knew all I had to do was wait another week?

Real Madrid surges back after a little dip to the bottom, heading up to #4, a number you won’t see much in the average soccer game score. College football rounds out the top 5, with the Razorbacks climbing one spot from last week.

Most of our former concert powerhouses populate the bottom five. Some guy named Bieber kicks things off at #6 this week, after falling another 3 spots. Jason Aldean squeaks out a small comeback, after falling from great heights he climbs back to the #7 spot this week. The world of scripted sporting events returns again, as the WWE hits #8. To quote a line from the ’96 remake of Sgt. Bilko: “I like a sporting event in which I know the outcome ahead of time. It’s more organized.”

The Week in TicketCity Search – And The Gold in Boy Bands Goes To…

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
July. 23rd
1 1 One Direction
2 3 Jason Aldean
3 5 Longhorns Football
4 2 Justin Bieber
5 6 Dallas Cowboys
6 - Texas Rangers
7 - Houston Texans
8 7 Mississippi State Football
9 - Coldplay
10 - WWE

Much like the silver medal in basketball at the Quadrennial International Amateur Warm Weather Sporting Competition recently underway in the capital of the United Kingdom, getting second place on the countdown is just as good as gold these days. 1D does not appear to be going anywhere, leaving Jason Aldean to clear that last hurdle and hit the #2 spot. This has been his best run in countdown history, and in other times, he’d have easily secured #1.

Football heats up this week as well, with the Longhorns moving up 2 spots to #3 and the Cowboys gaining a spot to round out the top 5. The Texans enter the countdown at #7, where Mississippi State made room for them by sliding to #8. That’s 40% of the countdown and we’re just about to August. NFL fans can enjoy preseason match-ups starting in just 2 weeks. College football fans have a little longer to wait, but September is right around the corner.

It would be remiss not to note Bieber Fever appears to be in complete remission, as he falls to #4.

The boys of summer aren’t done yet, and the Rangers reappear in the #6 spot this week. Also returning after an absence is Coldplay, who have drifted in and out this summer as their Mylo Xyloto Tour continues its major North American leg before returning to Europe at the end of August.

Finally, after an even longer absense, the WWE returns to the countdown. SummerSlam might be the reason for that, as it will land in the Staples Center for a 4th time in a row on August 19th.

The Week in TicketCity Search – No Maybes About It

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Jun. 25th
1 1 One Direction
2 3 Justin Bieber
3 4 Coldplay
4 7 Jason Aldean
5 5 Texas Rangers
6 - Dallas Cowboys
7 - Aerosmith
8 - Real Madrid
9 - Phish
10 - Eric Church

Looks like this will be the summer of One Direction. Fans of the esteemed Mr. Bieber have not mounted a serious challenge to the Brit boy band’s dominance since dates for the Believe Tour arrived. The addition of newly minted pop star Carly Rae Jepsen as the Beeb’s opening act hasn’t made a dent in One Direction’s numbers. Wikipedia suggests Carly Rae wasn’t plucked from complete obscurity, as she placed 3rd on season 5 of Canadian Idol before incubating a few years prior to the success of “Call Me Maybe.”

Other fun facts Wikipedia will tell you is that Marie-Antoinette probably never said this.

Coldplay moves up a notch, Jason Aldean gains three of them, and the Rangers just hang out, finishing the top five in the same spot as last week. While all of the top five were holdovers from last week, the bottom five is completely fresh. Well, Phish may have an odd smell about them…

Two things about summer in Texas, it’s hot and it’s when Cowboys’ fans brim with optimism. The Boys open up the bottom five this week, as the NFL season gets steadily closer. The Aerosmith/Cheap Trick Global Warming tour lands at #7 this week.

Fans of international soccer are looking to see Real Madrid as they play a variety of dates around the US in August. They’ll be in LA, Vegas, and New York as well as other big stadiums around the US, playing the LA Galaxy, AC Milan, and other big teams.