The Killers Live in Austin

It was just recently I learned The Killers came out of Vegas. If I knew that, I might well have expected the dynamic, bright lights and big show they brought to Austin this week. Whatever your expectations may be, the group delivers a knock-out show. Get past their question of “Are we human or are we dancer?” (this question has never really perplexed me) and you’ll find much more to discover and love.  Like “I Can’t Stay.”  Or… “Neon Tiger.” ??  Ah, now their Vegas is showing. Check out the photos from the Austin show below. And get your tickets to the Vegas act, wherever you happen to be, at TicketCity today.
The Killers

The Killers

Future tour dates for The Killers:
4/16 Phoenix, AZ
4/17 Las Vegas, NV
4/19 San Jose, CA
4/22 Seattle, WA
4/24 Vancouver, BC
4/27 Edmonton, AB
4/30 Milwaukee, WI
5/1 Indianapolis, IN
5/2 Bonner Springs, KS
5/4 St. Louis, MO
5/5 Columbus, OH
5/6 Cleveland, OH
5/8 Camden, NJ
5/9 Uncasville, CT