Infographic: Cowboys vs. Redskins Rivalry

Cowboys vs. Redskins Rivalry - TicketCity

The Cowboys and Redskins have a storied past that pushed them to become rivals even before the Cowboys existed as a team. Today, they are two of the three most valuable sports franchises in the world and have seen the success of eight combined Super Bowls. In 2012, the Skins knocked the Cowboys out of playoff contention in the last game of the season. On Sunday, the Cowboys look to damage Washington’s chance at the post-season by giving them their fourth loss in five games. Check out our Cowboys-Redskins tickets if you want to get close to one of the best rivalries in all of sports.

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The Week in TicketCity Search – Maybe Next Time, Drake

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept 9th
1 5 Dallas Cowboys
2 6 SF 49ers
3 - Drake
4 8 US Open Tennis
5 7 LSU Football
6 - Washington Redskins
7 - Houston Texans
8 - Luke Bryan
9 2 Justin Timberlake
10 - Kanye West

Football rules once more this week. The Cowboys make a hail mary play that pays off, reaching the top, followed by the 49ers. Also returning this week are the Tigers of LSU, though they are the only representatives of college football to make it from the previous week.

Concerts reassert some dominance this week, with Drake landing in third place. His amusingly named “Would You Like a Tour” is going strong, with over forty dates left between now and December.

Really late US Open shoppers managed to push it back to the top five from only a few days worth of searches. In the record books now, Nadal puts another Grand Slam under his belt.

Luke Bryan returns after a break, and Justin Timberlake fell pretty hard from #2 to land at #9. He’s pretty limber, I’m sure he landed just fine. Finally, down at #10, Kanye himself arrives with the announcement of The Yeezus Tour. Kendrick Lamar will be tagging along on most of the tour, which currently comprises almost 30 dates between October and December.

Technically, I suppose I should put Drake in there since he’s the biggest new entry, but I fear Kanye would be cross with me if I did. So, here’s “Power.”