The New TicketCity Website – Transparent Checkout

The next part in our look at the new shows how the new site handles something Ticketcity has provided for years: transparent checkout. That’s a reasonably fancy way of saying, “you see the total before you enter any payment information.”

In the secondary ticket market, service charges are a fact of life, and TicketCity has one as well. The difference between TicketCity and most other brokers on the web is you see our’s up front, as part of your order total, before ever reaching the checkout screen.

Perhaps you’ve been shopping around for some Yankees tickets. You’ve found the ones you want and added them to your cart:

TicketCity Cart

Note the full list of charges right on the screen. The base cost, the service charge, and any additional shipping fees are all there for you to see before you even reach the checkout page.

TicketCity Cart Highlighted

Our standard 2-day shipping via FedEx is completely free, though there are other options. If you choose to change your shipping type, the total is updated automatically.

TicketCity Cart - Shipping Options

Finally you reach the checkout page, where you may enter your payment information. The price summary is the same as in the cart. You know exactly what your total is as you complete the one-step checkout.

TicketCity Checkout Screen

TicketCity is one of the few brokers online with this kind of checkout process. Prices you see on other broker sites may seem cheaper, but they may be hiding their service charges from you until you’ve already entered your payment information. There are no surprises with a TicketCity order.

The New TicketCity Website – What To Do This Weekend?

This is a first in a series of posts that will show off some of the new features of the TicketCity website. Our main goal with the redesign was to make it easier for customers to find the tickets they wanted. Sometimes that’s as easy as plugging your team or performer into the search box and seeing what comes up.

Sometimes you may not know what you’re looking for, or you’re just looking for something to do this weekend. The Calendar View on our City Information pages is designed to make it easy to take in a week’s worth of events in a particular town at a glance.

TicketCity City Information Calendar View
Image 01: Weekly Calendar View, click image to enlarge.

Here is the basic calendar view for the rest of the week in Austin, TX, showing me what options I have to catch a show this weekend. Friday I could check out the Coz or Eddie Izzard, for instance. If nothing else, I know I have some extremely varied choices in stand-up.

I can choose to sort the view by type of events, if I’m looking only for theatre, comedy, or shows.

TicketCity City Information Weekly Calendar View Type Selection
Image 02: Event Type Selection, click image to enlarge.

If I rollover one of the entries, I get more information on that particular show. It displays the venue information and gives me the option to view the available tickets. Rolling the mouse outside the pop-up window will remove it.

TicketCity City Information Weekly Calendar View Rollover
Image 03: Rollover Information, click image to enlarge.

Finally, if I need to plan ahead, I can use the date selector to choose a different week of events to display in the Austin area.

TicketCity City Information Weekly Calendar View Select Week
Image 04: Select Week, click image to enlarge.

This is just one taste of our new features. I’ll be bringing you more as the weeks go on.

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