The Week in TicketCity Search – Lizzy’s Back, Tell A Friend

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Mar. 17th
1 3 Lana Del Rey
2 - Lil Boosie
3 10 Tool
4 2 WWE
5 - Eminem
6 1 Houston Rodeo
7 7 Luke Bryan
8 - George Strait
9 5 One Direction
10 6 World Cup

Apparently my snide comments haven’t dampened the public’s enthusiasm for Lizzie. Granted, this is less obnoxious than the months the esteemed Mr. Beiber spent at the top. Though our new second place entry is certainly giving him a run for his money. It would seem there’s a lot of pent-up demand for a live performance by one Torrence Hatch, known professionally as Lil Boosie. That might have something to do with all those photos I found of him in a very fetching orange jumpsuit.

Tool is a veritable breath of fresh air as they ping-pong back to 3rd place this week, followed by the WWE. The McMahon carnival is moving on from the Lone Star State, so more likely than not, they will be moving on from the countdown pretty soon as well.

Eminem, and, by association, Rihanna, debut at #5 this week as tickets went on sale for the “Monster Tour.” It terms of scope, it’s a little less monstrous than the title implies. The duo will be doing only 3 concerts total, but they will be big stadium ones, in Pasadena, East Rutherford, and Detroit. Or, you know, LA, New York, and Detroit, were one to round-up geographically.

Houston Rodeo is winding down, though there’s still a few days of concerts left. People are also remembering that, theoretically, at least, George Strait isn’t going to be touring for much longer, so he returns to the list. The final tour dates run from March to June. One Direction suffers another setback, and the World Cup clings to #10 this week. Still a few months off, so expect to see stronger results as the games draw closer.

Since the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, and another Lana tune would likely send me into a coma, let’s turn up the tempo with something from Rihanna instead. Thematically, this one dovetails nicely with the last tour update, as this is basically “Rihanna in a field.” It’s probably not the same field the Backstreet Boys were in, but I bet it’s close. Since it’s a Rihanna video, she doesn’t stick around too long, there’s a beach, some water, and then fireworks at night. The creative vision for it seemed to be: “let’s make a music video.”

The Week in TicketCity Search – Rounding up the Top 10

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Mar. 10th
1 4 Houston Rodeo
2 2 WWE
3 - Lana Del Rey
4 - Maroon 5
5 3 One Direction
6 - World Cup
7 5 Luke Bryan
8 8 ACC Tournament
9 - Bruno Mars
10 6 Tool

The Houston Rodeo takes the top this week. The rodeo is officially underway, and fans have until the 23rd to see some of the biggest shows in Texas over the next couple weeks. Likewise in Texas, the WWE will be bouncing around the state next week, including a show here in Austin at the Frank Erwin Center tomorrow night.

Lana Del Rey returns to the countdown at #3 with the announcement of a longer US tour. She will be helping concertgoers with sleeping disorders with 16 new dates all over the country.

Maroon 5′s Houston Rodeo show didn’t quite achieve the same demand that Usher enjoyed last week, but it got them to #4.

In at #6 is the thing that’s a huge deal in pretty much every other country but the United States, the World Cup. Sunny Brazil hosts this year’s outing. The kicking of balls begins this June, but this is definitely one to shop for early, as Brazil is a little harder to get to than the average Lakers game. Travel packages anyone?

Luke Bryan hangs onto #7 and the ACC Tournament stays put at #8. Bruno Mars’ tour rolls on, and back to the countdown, while Tool’s brief climb to sixth place ends where it began, back at #10.

So, Lizzy’s back. Let’s see… title track to last’s year’s album, Born to Die. The new one, Ultraviolence, isn’t out yet but the tour announcement suggests it is probably on the way soon. I’m sure the title track is a sold choice, just have to make it through the video. Hmm, she’s sitting down, with tigers. Wow, sounds like she’s not really updated that torch-song tempo of old. I’m sure things will… <yawn> …pick up soon. Any second… zzz now… ZzzzzzZZZZZZZ….

World Cup 2014 – Groups, Tickets and More

The Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro

The Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro


While it feels like only yesterday we saw such memorable moments like Siphiwe Tshabalala’s opening goal for South Africa, Landon Donovan’s winner against Algeria and Spain lifting the cup for the first time ever – we’re about to experience the excitement of World Cup soccer all over again. It’s only six months away, and the excitement has built up in every nation sending their team to the biggest sporting stage on earth.

Coming with all the hype and excitement of the 2014 World Cup is the demand for tickets. FIFA received over 6 million requests for tickets, with applications coming in from over 200 countries. There are only 32 countries playing in the tournament, so it goes to show the appeal of the beautiful game on such a big stage.  TicketCity has 2014 World Cup tickets on sale now, as well as World Cup packages that include a hotel stay in Rio de Janeiro. Tickets are hard to come by, so don’t wait until the last minute to grab yours as the games/countries you want to see could be all gone by then.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the great cities of the world, and if Russia or Qatar aren’t your cup of tea, this may be your last chance to see the World Cup in person until 2026 at the earliest. Look at the bright side, we’ll all have hovercrafts by then, right?

The groups have been drawn, and now the guessing game begins. Who is in this tournament’s ‘group of death’? Who will be the surprise team, and who will shockingly be eliminated early? Let’s take a look at a few of the more interesting groups.

Group A (Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, Cameroon)

This is Brazil’s group to win, and they’re favored to win the whole thing. Brazil in front of its home crowd is tough to beat, and I don’t think anyone in this group will be able to.  Mexico, who snuck into the World Cup, will be looking for wins over Croatia and Cameroon to advance. Croatia is a strong side, led by Bayern Munich’s Mario Mandzukic and Real Madrid’s Luka Modric. The Mexico vs. Croatia game will be one of the more interesting games of the tournament.

Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy)

The teams in this group have won a combined eight World Cup titles, and this could very well be the most competitive group this time around. Uruguay made it to the semi-finals in 2010, and striker Luis Suarez is ripping apart the Premier League. Italy won the tournament as recently as 2006, and will Mario Balotelli featuring up top, they have every opportunity to keep pace with Uruguay. England is a Jekyll-and-Hyde type team, as they have some great talent but haven’t been able to put together a full tournament recently. Wayne Rooney’s form this summer could play a big role in who advances out of this group. The last time Italy played England was in the semi-finals of the 2012 Euros, where Italy won the game in penalty kicks.

Group G (Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA)

This group is tough. Germany is one of the best teams in the world from top to bottom, and could win the whole thing. They’ll face Portugal to start it off, which will be a tough match up for both countries. Cristiano Ronaldo could take over the game by himself, but the Germany defensive line is strong so it might not be as easy as he’s used to in La Liga. The U.S. will be seeing a familiar foe in Ghana, who has knocked the Americans out of the last two World Cups. There’s a lot of possibilities in this group, and if the U.S. can make its way though, they’re actually set up nicely for a deep run.

World Cup – Vuvuzelas and Hot Dog Buns

The home team may be out but the Vuvuzela’s are still as loud and annoying as ever! Despite their victory over France, the South African soccer team, Bafana Bafana, will not advance to the second round of the World Cup. This marks the first time in the history of the World Cup that the home team did not advance.

The local people of Johannesburg are not surprisingly disappointed in this but there is still a great party to be had here. As I write this from my office above Nelson Mandela Square I can hear multiple Vuvezela’s blowing as well as the now familiar anthem to this tournament, Shakira’s “Waka Waka.” But why shouldn’t there still be celebration? There is still so much amazing soccer/football; however you call it, left. On Friday one of the tournament’s most anticipated matches take place when international powerhouses Brazil and Portugal collide.

The tournament has had some definite ups and downs but as of this point, has to be considered a success. I had a very interesting trip to Rustenburg to watch the USA vs. England game. Jeremiah and I arrived at the park and ride a few hours before the game. We arrived to find a few thousand people tailgating like it was a Georgia vs. Florida football game! There were many colorful and costumed fans along with beer and barbecue.

Our seats for the game were front row of the middle level. Just about as perfect of a spot as you can get for watching the game. When we got there some fans of Mexico where sitting in them. Thinking they were their seats, they had already tied up a Mexican flag to hang over the side. Yes, it was England vs. USA but this is the World Cup, you have to support your team at all times! So they moved over and now we were sitting right by the only Mexican flag in the stadium.

The woman next to me got a great text from her friend back in the States where the game was showing live on ESPN. It said, “They just scanned the crowd. Are you sitting next to a Mexican Flag!!!???” The game was a great experience and I will take a draw vs. England any day.

The ride home was where things got very interesting. The busses back to the park and ride were not labeled at all. I got on one and asked the driver “Is this the bus back to lot R104?” Of course he looked at me and gave me an emphatic “YES!” After running over a fence (I kid you not!) he proceeded to drive to the North lot. So now we were completely in the wrong lot on the wrong side of the stadium. It would have taken at least 3 hours to get back to the stadium and then get back to the proper lot. I called the guy who was supposed to drive us back to Johannesburg and told him to go on without me.

We then essentially begged our way onto a tour bus back to Johannesburg. Only problem was that the bus was full. No problem, we’ll sit on the floor! After a few hours on the bus we stopped for some food. I was hungry and my poor backside was not taking to the floor very kindly. Solution: Buns for my stomach and buns for my buns! After scarfing down a pretty decent cheeseburger from Steers I bought a package of hot dog buns to sit on the rest of the way. A funny sight for sure but a mild relief too! After a lot of traffic we finally arrived home at 5am! I have never been so happy to climb into bed.

There is still time to create your own World Cup experiences. Over 2 weeks still remain before you have to wait until Brazil 2014. TicketCity has tickets for all matches including the Final on July 11th.

England a long shot to host 2018 World Cup?

The 2010 World Cup kicks on June 11, 2010 in South Africa. And even though that tournament has not yet started plans are already being made around which cities will host future World Cup tournaments.  The 2014 World Cup has already been awarded to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Now soccer’s governing body, FIFA, is planning for the 2018 and 2022 soccer World Cup.

FIFA has indicated that the 2018 World Cup will likely be hosted by a European country.  The early favorite to host the 2018 World Cup might be Russia, which impressed FIFA head Sepp Blatter when he visited the country recently. Other European countries in the running include; England, a combined bid by Spain & Portugal, and a combined bid by the Netherlands & Belgium.

One would assume that England would be one of the strongest candidates for the 2018 World Cup since they already have much of the infrastructure necessary to host such a large event.  But FIFA’s Blatter said “not sure” that England would be able to secure a win to host the tournament.  Which makes it sound like no matter how good England might look on paper, there could be other factors that prevent them from securing the right to host the 2018 World Cup. 

That said, anything can happen in these situations.  Many thought Chicago was the favorite to host the 2014 Olympics and IOC selected Rio de Janeiro instead.  So at this point England is still in the running, but it sounds like they’ll need to win over FIFA if they are going to host the 2018 World Cup.