16 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Football Season

  1. Touchdowns – I think we can all agree that TD’s are the best thing about football. Unless they are being scored by the other team… and then they suck.touchdowns
  2. Tailgating – With grandmas like these, it’s no wonder Michigan came in at #1 in our ranking of the most engaged fans.tailgating
  3. Cheering – Cheering on your favorite team is all well and good but cheering on national TV is AWESOME! Just ask this guy:cheering
  4. Interceptions – Even when they break your heart, a good interception is a thing of beauty to behold.interception
  5. Food – Football food should probably occupy its own section on the food pyramid.food
  6. Beer – Enough said.beer
  7. Fantasy football – Here’s hoping your favorite team’s victory doesn’t contribute to your fantasy football team’s loss.fantasy football
  8. Coaches – Some are truly inspirational while others are truly insane; it’s even better if they’re both.coaches
  9. Tackles – Big hits are exciting to watch… unless they are coming from your own team.tackles
  10. Lee Corso – A healthy dose of Lee Corso is the perfect start to a Saturday in the fall.LeeCorso
  11. High fives – What better way to say “heck yes” than with a quality high five. And what better way to say “I’m drunk” than with a high five fail.highfives
  12. Bands – Helping us sing our fight songs in spite of the fact that we can’t carry a tune.bands
  13. Cheerleaders – Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t partially go to the games to see the cheerleaders. It’s ok, we understand.cheerleaders
  14. Mascots – What’s not to love about mascots? Whether they are animals or people or a funny looking piece of fruit, mascots makes everything better.mascots
  15. This Guy – Because he’s awesome.and this
  16. And This – Be sure to enter our King of the Tailgate contest for a chance to be as cool as this guy with your own Cruzin Cooler and tickets to the game of your choice.cruzincooler