1964 The Tribute

I took my 6 year old daughter to see the Beatles tribute band 1964.  They have been touring for 24 years and have played Carnigee Hall 9 times.  We went to the intimate Paramount Theatre in Austin Texas.  The band dressed in there standard black suits with Skinny black ties, just like they did when they came to the US and played on the Ed Sullivan show.  They were fantastic, playing all there old songs, interacting with each other and using the same old equipment that they did back in the 60’s.  The crowd went nuts when they played We all live in a Yellow Submarine and Twist and Shout.  The fellas definitely looked a little older and a little rounder.   My daughter Kelsey loved the music and the energy was amazing.  We sat on the 7th row right orchestra and the promoter even brought her out a beatles guitar pick.  What a night we had.  She even wanted to make sure I purchased a CD.  Her favorite song that she asks me to play over and over is I Want to Hold your Hand.  Sometimes it sure is amazing to be a dad to a little 6 year old daughter. 

I sure do love my job.


Randy Cohen

Chief Energizing Officer Ticketcity