Jerry Jones & the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Love or hate Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys Owner, he’s a very interesting person who has done as much for the Dallas Cowboys as, dare I say Tex Schram. He is a daredevil businessman of sorts. The new Dallas Cowboys stadium under construction in Arlington Texas is going to be HUGE, in more ways then one. The new Cowboys stadium is going to give the Cowboys fans something to be very proud of and happy with. Of course, fans are still itching to get back into serious Super Bowl contention, but in the meantime fans and D/FW businesses can be happy to know at least the area will likely be hosting several more Super Bowls (besides the one in 2001 that’s already a sealed deal).

The stadium is going to mean an awful lot to fans… more seating… more premium seating and likely the best stadium experience that will be around for a very long time. Very much thanks to Jerry Jones’s business sense. JJ isn’t scared to go big! That’s just not his style.

So get ready for more availability of Dallas Cowboys tickets and more ticketing and seating options. 2009 Dallas Cowboys tickets are going to be the hottest tickets in sports; granted that’s a couple of years away, but Ticket City is a leading reseller of Dallas Cowboys tickets and you’ll definitely want to be getting our sales and specials by email so that you can grab your Cowboys tickets ASAP. In the meantime be sure to root on the boys this year at Irving’s Texas Stadium.



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