2008 Houston Rodeo

After about a month, I can honestly say that the pleasure has been all mine to be able to work with such fantastic people.  Everyone has been so helpful and the environment is anything but stressful.  My next mission is to be able to actually purchase tickets through TicketCity and make it out to an event.  I help people all day and I’ve been thinking… IT’S MY TURN! 

I have never been to the Houston Rodeo, matter of fact, I have been to ANY rodeo.  Recently, I got an e-mail from my best friends brother.  He was talking about how “Dallas is going to the Super Bowl.”  I’ve known him and my best friend since I was about 5 years old and I haven’t heard from him in about 2 years!  I was shocked that he included me in the e-mail.  We just never really kept in touch after I moved to Austin but we were like brother and sister growing up and we have both always been HUGE Dallas fans.  I took the opportunity to e-mail him back and let him know that I work for one of the best ticket brokers and that he should get in touch with me if he wanted some tickets to see the Cowboys or for anything else. 

 Soon enough I got a phone call from him.  He was shocked and pretty excited to find out that I was now working in the ticket industry.  He told me how he had been looking for Dallas playoff tickets for the last two weeks.  He even told me how he gave about $500 to this one guy that he knew and said could get him tickets to the playoff game.  Well, the guy ended up giving him his money back (luckily) and told him that the game was all sold out!  I told him how we still had tickets, at the time, he was pretty upset that he was told the game was sold out. 

Anyway, he ended up inviting me to the Houston Rodeo to see Brooks and Dunn on March 22.  I can’t wait to be able to spend time with an old friend and finally get to experience a rodeo for the first time! 

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