2008 NBA Playoff Matchups

The 2008 NBA Playoffs just got underway and so far the favorites are taking care of business (except the Pistons).  Here is a quick breakdown of the 1st round playoff matchups, who I see advancing to the conference finals and the eventual NBA Champions.

+ (1) L.A. Lakers vs (8.) Denver Nuggets
Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol will be too much for AI and Melo.   Lakers should win in 5 games.
+ (4) Utah Jazz vs (5) Houston Rockets
Houston overcame the loss of Yao and had a fantastic run during the regular season.  But now Yao’s absence will be felt more than ever.  The Jazz are almost unbeatable in Utah, and they’ll win in 6 games.
+ (3) San Antonio Spurs vs (6) Phoenix Suns
The best matchup in the first round will eventually swing in favor of the defending champs.  But Phoenix pushes San Antonio to 7 games.
+ (2) New Orleans Hornets vs (7) Dallas Mavericks
The Hornets are already up 1 win on the Mavs, but I’m still going to pick Dallas to pull the upset.  Dirk, Kidd & company are too talented to get knocked out in the 1st round again.  They’ll avenge their early loss to Golden State in the 2007 Playoffs, by pulling the major upset here. 

Second Round:
Lakers blow past the Jazz.  Dallas upsets the Spurs, who are still worn down by their series with Phoenix in opening round.
Western Conference Finals:Lakers over the Mavs in 5 games.

+ (1) Boston Celtics vs (8.) Atlanta Hawks
Sweep for the Celtics.  The Hawks had a great year, but the Celts are on a mission.
+ (4) Cleveland Cavaliers vs (5) Washington Wizards
Lebron carries the Cavs in 6 games.
+ (3) Orlando Magic vs (6) Toronto Raptors
The Magic overpower the Raptors to win in 5 games.
+ (2) Detroit Pistons vs (7) Philadelphia 76ers
Great win for Philly in game 1.  But Detroit is a veteran squad.  They’ll ‘right the ship’ and wind up winning the series in 5 games.

Second Round:
The last 12-months have been extremely busy for Lebron, and that finally catches up to him against a tenacious Celtics squad.  Celts over Cavs in 4 games.  Orlando and Detroit fight all the way to game 7, and Detroit comes out on top.
Eastern Conference Finals: Detroit upsets huge favorite Boston, and advances to the NBA Finals.

2008 NBA FINALS:Lakers over Pistons in 6 games.  Kobe wins Playoff MVP.

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