2009 will be “The Year of the Sports Fan”

A good article in The New Republic about the great opportunities that sports fans will have in 2009.

Darren Rovell says “Some ticket prices are just downright stupid” and he’s right, we’ve got lots of tickets selling for lower than the price printed on the ticket.  NBA and NHL tickets selling at $10 per ticket.  NFL playoff tickets selling for $40 to $50 per ticket.  We even gave away tickets for free in certain markets to our existing clients and those signed up for our email list (An important reason to join our email list).

Rovell mentions deals for the BCS and other bowl games on StubHub that are well below face value.  He’s exactly right, except he fails to mention the best deals are going to come from ticket brokers than own inventory like TicketCity.  We have the largest inventory of tickets in the entire secondary market, so naturally we’re going to have fantastic deals for those looking for a bargain on tickets.

So 2009 should be a great year for Sports Fans looking to buy tickets.  Just remember to shop TicketCity to find the best deals on tickets.




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