2010 Derby Contenders

When I think of the Kentucky Derby a few things come to mind.  First,  the event has long been coined as  “the most exciting two minutes in sports” and I have to say I agree with that statement.  Nobody would bet on two minutes of a football game or a basketball game but for the Kentucky Derby race, it makes perfect sense!

Secondly, the Derby is pretty much the only time for women to wear hats that big and lavish and it be okay. Even if you aren’t necessarily into horse racing, go to the Kentucky Derby and people watch- now that would be fun!

The last thing that comes to mind when I think of the Kentucky  Derby is the horse’s name.  Now,  I don’t know about you but when I bet on a horse it isn’t all about the trainer or stats…it’s the name that seals the deal for me!

Here are the 2010 contenders:

  • American Lion
  • Awesome Act
  • Conveyance
  • Dean’s Kitten
  • Devin May Care
  • Discreetly Mine
  • Dublin
  • Endorsement
  • Homeboykris
  • Ice Box
  • Interactif
  • Jackson Bend
  • Line of David
  • Lookin at Lucky
  • Make Music for Me
  • Mission Impazible
  • Noble’s Promise
  • Paddy O’Prado
  • Setsuko
  • Sidney’s Candy
  • Super Saver

All my bets are on Ice Box! Which contender do you think will be the winner?

Kentucky Derby tickets are still available!