How Much Does One Player Affect Your Ticket Buying?

When Blake Griffin was drafted last year by the Los Angeles Clippers (and subsequently missed the season due to an injury), not many people imagined he would be this awesome a force so quickly. Sure he was the number one pick in the draft, but the Clippers have had a lot of those and none ever turned out as well as he has. The amazing dunks like this group from this weekend’s game against Toronto…

… and consistent double-doubles have made the Clippers a must-see team both on the road and at home, something they never were before. On the flip-side to that is the St. Louis Cardinals’ situation with their All-Word player, Albert Pujols. He has given the team a finite date to end contract talks so it won’t interfere with his season. With that is a looming gloom and doom scenario amongst Cardinal fans who are saying they won’t buy season seats (or as many) until the Pujols situation resolves itself.

Sure these are extreme examples, but when buying tickets, how much does an individual player factor into your decision?