Yankees Drama Fans

Do Yankees fans love drama? No, not the interpersonal variety, the “legitimate theatre” version. The producing team behind Lombardi and Magic/Bird are hoping they do. They’ve got a new play in the works, this one about the team many love to malign, the New York Yankees.

Details, outside of “that’s the plan”, are non-existent. So there’s not much to to say about the odds Fran Kirmser and Tony Ponturo are right about their hunch. They feel the New York faithful will turn out for a “local” show about their team. Lucky thing Broadway is local.

The Yankees have been on Broadway before, so to speak. The musical Damn Yankees featured them as the titular antagonists to the Washington Senators. The Senators losing streak is interrupted when loyal fan Joe Boyd makes a deal with devil (literally) to become the slugger they need to make the pennant. The update to the tale of Faust ran for 1019 performances in its 1955 Broadway debut.

Want to see the Senators off stage? We can handle that.

The earliest the new Yankees play could hit theaters is late 2013. Until then, you can check out some of the touring shows of Lombardi. Well, you could do a lot of other stuff too, but, you know… sports-theatre wise.