The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Sports and winning are about so much more than a collection of talent and good coaching. If anyone was to line up the rosters 1 – 85 of the top 25 teams in college football and let the NFL scouts line up the rosters according to talent, the Top 25 would look really different.

Notre Dame is the # 1 team in the country but in no way, shape or form have the most talented roster. Oklahoma had a pretty talented team under John Blake and were horrible. Bob Stoops walked in and with a few tweaks won a National Championship. Texas went 4 – 7 under John Mackovic in 1997 and Mack Brown came in and won nine games and a bowl game the next year.

Chemistry means a lot. It means a lot more than people think. You know groups you work with, party with, worship with and golf with that might be more successful if everyone cared about the success of the group more than they cared about themselves.

In the movie Drumline, the leader of the drum line lost his way and started taking things personal. He started making bad decisions based on personal relationships. The band director then had to remind him why he was chosen to be section leader, “Because I like the sound of the line more than I liked the sound of my own drum.”

That’s why they’re called teams. Notre Dame will play for the National Championship in the Orange Bowl because they are a team and that is a lesson that we all can draw from.