NFL Season Preview: Q&A w/ ESPN’s Sean Adams

Is Tony Romo worth more money than Joe Flacco in 2013? Sean Adams thinks so.
Is Tony Romo worth more money than Joe Flacco in 2013? Sean Adams thinks so.

We decided to ask ESPN & HornsNation’s Sean Adams some questions about the upcoming NFL football season, and as usual Sean didn’t shy away from some bold opinions. The NFL season is less than 60 days away and Sean’s given us a lot to look forward to.

TicketCity: We’ve seen rookies not picked in the top 5-10 become stars right away in the NFL recently, who is this year’s Doug Martin?

Sean Adams: Pick # 27 – DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

I love this pick. He is a big wide receiver with huge hands and will be the perfect compliment to Andre Johnson. While I have never been enamored with quarterback Matt Schaub, giving him another top-shelf weapon with Johnson and Arian Foster could put the Texans offense in overdrive. I don’t expect Hopkins to make the pro-bowl for the 2013 season but I do expect him to be a key cog in making the Houston offense be better in 2013.

TC: What second-year QB has the best record this season, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin or Russell Wilson?

Sean: This one is an easy one for me because the best quarterback will end up being on the best team. Even though the weaker of the three teams (Indianapolis) might produce the quarterback with the best numbers, the best quarterback will be on the best team of the three in Seattle. Russell Wilson has a great running game, a passing game that will be better with the addition of Percy Harvin and will get the ball often because the Seahawks have one of the best defense in the NFL.

TC: If you could buy a season ticket to any team in the NFL for the 2013 season, who would it be?

Sean: The Green Bay Packers – I love their schedule. I pretty much like it every year because their home games are played at 1265 Lombardi Ave in one of the most historic football stadiums in the country regardless of classification. They already play their division teams Minnesota, Detroit and Chicago twice but they also play the AFC North in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland and reigning Super Bowl Champion Baltimore. They open the season in San Francisco against a great 49er team. Finally they take on the NFC East of Dallas, Philadelphia, New York (Giants) and Washington. That is a nasty schedule either way you look at it. The Packers might have the NFL’s best player in Aaron Rodgers so they will again be making their bid for the playoffs.

TC: Who has more wins this season, the Cowboys or Texans?

Sean: The Dallas Cowboys have the names and the star on the helmet but have a long way to go before they are a complete team. The Houston Texans look at their roster and coaching staff and have a legitimate reason to feel good about their chances at coming out of the AFC. Couple that with a schedule that is more than manageable and it is an easy pick for the Texans to have the best 2013 record.

TC: The NFC West got even tougher with some off-season additions, who comes out on top at the end of the season in that division?

Sean: This seems like a homer pick from me but I have to go with the 49ers. Seattle and San Francisco are two of the elite teams in all of the NFL but I still give the 49ers the edge. They will be motivated by what they feel was ‘their’ Super Bowl in 2012/2013 that they lost. Between the chalk, the smallest of edges go to the ‘big uglies’ on both sides of the line that make me lean San Francisco.

TC: Both Joe Flacco and Tony Romo just got PAID, who is more worth the money in 2013? What about 2015?

Sean: Flacco rolled the dice and took his chances in 2012 and everything worked out in his favor with the playoff run that lead to winning the Super Bowl. But as crazy as it is, they are rebuilding in Baltimore and have some work to do before they make another run towards a championship.

It almost burns my fingers to type this but I think Romo is worth more money in 2013. I have so little trust in the Cowboys as an organization and they probably will have a coaching change by 2015 so I go back to Flacco by 2015

TC: Most NFL fans also play fantasy football, so they’d love to know.. who is going to have a bad season and be a BUST in 2013?

Sean: Chris Johnson is a guy that I have had on my roster before and while he has paid huge dividends, I don’t think he hits his own prediction of rushing for 2000 yards in 2013. The running game is predicated upon quarterback play and the offensive line. The Tennessee offensive line needs a lot of help and they still don’t know what they have in Jake Locker at quarterback. While I feel good about him having a productive season, monstrous numbers are not on order for me.

Tony Gonzalez might be the best tight end in NFL history, and 2013 could be your last chance to see him play.[/caption]

TC: Who is the one current NFL player that is close to retirement that fans should see play in person before it’s too late?

Sean: Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez is the man. In the new age of tight end importance in football going back to the guy that once teamed with Jason Kidd on the basketball court at Cal is still playing at a huge level even though he had to be talked into coming back again. He’s 37 years old but had 88 catches and 8 touchdowns in 2012 and 8 catches for 72 yards in the NFL championship game loss to the 49ers.

He is a lock for the Hall of Fame and will go down as the best tight end ever the second  he retires.

TC: Last one.. what’s your way-too-early prediction for who will be in Super Bowl?

Sean: San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans. I feel better about the 49er pick than the Texans pick but if the Texans stay healthy they have a shot to win the AFC.