10 Things To Know If You’re Going to the US Open

1. Don’t look so confused. Know what kind of access you get with your US Open ticket. You can learn more about how “Grounds Admission” tickets differ from regular US Open tickets here.


2. There is no retractable roof,  so rain can be a factor. Try not get upset- most ticket companies, like TicketCity, have a Rain-Out Policy.


3.  Come hungry. US Open food village has just about every type of food imaginable from deli classics and burgers, to ice cream, seafood, kosher dishes, pizza, barbecue and alcoholic beverages.


4. Admission to the USTA grounds is free on Arthur Ashe Kids Day.

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5. But you’ll need to buy a ticket to the Stadium show, featuring kid friendly performers like Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony.


6.  Choose the fastest way to get there. The best way to get from Manhattan to the stadium is to either take the #7 subway train or the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).


7. Leave it at home. Backpacks, hard coolers, glass bottles, alcohol, video cameras, computers or laptops, weapons, banners or signs, noisemakers, or tennis racquets are not allowed on the premises.


8. Don’t get stuck in line. Enter  by the South Gate. East Gate is packed with morning crowds coming off the subway/LIRR.


9. Wear sunglasses. (A hat and sunblock will also make you happier.)


10. Sleep is for rookies. There have been some legendary matches during the night session that stretched well past midnight. So drink your coffee!


Still have questions? Visit our US Open page for more info.