Cavs Top 2014 NBA Contenders List

Lebron2014With the NBA season fast approaching, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the teams expected to compete for the championship in 2014-15.  And there’s certainly no better place to start than the new and improved Cleveland Cavaliers.  After four years now of below average play, the Cavs are primed for a return to greatness, thanks to the return of LeBron James.  The much ballyhooed return of LeBron has been analyzed and commented on daily since he made his announcement, with many prognosticators believing Cleveland has the most talented roster in the league already.  Others claim there will be an adjustment period and believe fans should temper expectations as LeBron learns to play with his new teammates.

Nonetheless, the Cavs will be better this year and they will most likely be right in the thick of the hunt to reach the NBA Finals.  LeBron was certainly the biggest acquisition this past offseason, but they followed up that momentous deal by trading for star power forward Kevin Love.  LeBron and Love will join current star Kyrie Irving to form a dangerous trio for Cleveland.  It’s debatable whether that threesome is better than the LeBron, Wade, and bosh triumvirate of the past few years, but it’s certainly enough to win a championship.

With the changing of the guard in Cleveland happening almost overnight, excitement is at a fever pitch and Cavaliers tickets have never been more expensive.  A look at the top demand games of the 2014-15 season is almost the same as looking at the Cleveland Cavaliers schedule.  All five of the most expensive games of the year are home games for Cleveland with the home opener against the New York Knicks leading the way.

Presently, Knicks vs. Cavs tickets have an average ticket price of $1,364 on the secondary market, more than double any other game outside of Quicken Loans Arena this season.  The minute LeBron announced his return, fans for clamoring for tickets to the home opener and that demand has not ended yet. Additionally, the Knicks are usually a big road draw as it is, so adding them to the equation makes the game even more exciting.  LeBron’s old pal Carmelo Anthony will be leading the visitors after making his own crucial decision this past offseason by opting to stay with his team in Manhattan.

The second most expensive game of the season will be February 8th when the Cavs host Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.  The average ticket price for Lakers-Cavaliers tickets is currently $749. There’s an expectation that the Lakers will struggle yet again this season, so the demand is certainly derivative of what could be one of the final visits to Cleveland for Kobe Bryant.

The Cavs are going to be quite a road draw this season as well, particularly when they visit LeBron’s old stomping grounds.  The Christmas day matchup between the Miami Heat and Cleveland has an average ticket price of $625, currently the most expensive game of the season not taking place at Quicken Loans Arena.

So the question remains whether the Cavs have what it takes to win the title in 2014-15, but there is certainly no question as to which teams fans most want to see on the court this NBA season.