2014 F1 Championship Chase Heating Up

LewisHamilton2014Lewis Hamilton successfully took home his seventh victory this past weekend as the winner of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix on Sunday.  It was his second consecutive victory after holding off the competition at the Italian Grand Prix just two weeks earlier.  Hamilton now sits atop the F1 table, holding a narrow three point lead over Nico Rosberg.

The season began with such promise for Lewis Hamilton and it seems now he has returned to being the best F1 racer in 2014.  After Rosberg won the Australian Grand Prix back on March 16th to open up the season, Hamilton stormed to four consecutive victories, winning the Grand Prixes of Malaysia, Bahrain, China, and Spain.  Rosberg would win two out of the next three races before Hamilton would win again July 6th at the British Grand Prix.  Another three races would take place before Hamilton took home the aforementioned Italian, and now after winning the Singapore, he is in a great position to be the best driver of the 2014 season.

Hamilton led for much of the race, only yielding the lead momentarily to Sebastian Vettel after he had to take a pit stop late in the race.  Vettel had won the three previous races at the marina Bay Street Circuit, so Hamilton and his team must have surely been expecting a dogfight to end out the ace.  Nonetheless, Vettel was unable to hold on to the lead and Hamilton cruised to a win, taking the flag 13.5 seconds ahead of second place finisher Vettel.

Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg struggled from the get-go eventually pulling out of the race due to a mechanical failure.  He only lasted fourteen laps at the back of the pack before calling it a day.  A teammate of Hamilton’s, Rosberg has four victories this season, his most recent one coming on July 20th at Hockenheimring where he won the German Grand Prix.

Rosberg and Hamilton had a bit of a dust up last month at Spa when the two crashed at the Belgian Grand Prix. Mercedes Team Director Toto Wolff came out and publicly reprimanded Rosberg, stating the incident was unacceptable and demanding an apology.

The two drivers have been friends since childhood, but with so much at stake, their friendship has certainly been tested.  It will continue to be strained as they finish out this season.  Five races remain, including the United States Grand Prix on November 2nd and the final race, the Abu Dhabi Grand prix November 23rd.

Currently, U.S. Grand Prix tickets are available for as low as $150.  That will get you general admission seats and a ticket to the grounds, but won’t provide you an actual seat.  The cheapest seated ticket is currently $275.  Tickets to the main grandstand begin at $381.

Hamilton and Rosberg are certainly the favorites to be atop the points standings at the end of the year and how they fare at the Circuit of the Americas will have a major impact on their respective final standing.  Expect some excitement and a great race come November 2nd!