The 2014 Indianapolis 500 – Penthouse Level Tickets Less Than $500

The field of 33 entries for the 98th annual Indy 500 is close to confirmed. This can’t come soon enough as we tick down to race day on Sunday, May 25th at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A full 14 days of racing spectacle begin on May 11th with the first day of practice. Practice 5 concludes on Thursday the 15th and then qualifying takes place on the 17th and 18th.

People are always worried about getting the best seats at the massive Indianapolis circuit and you’re lucky in that there are only good, better and best…no bad seats. My advice for the best location is to sit in a corner as you get oncoming action as the cars come down the straight and into the turn as well as the exit, beyond drafting down the straight this is the best action. Plus you won’t have to swing your head left to right as much as you would to follow a specific car. Second, is to sit high. You get a longer sight line and can take in more of the track closest to you and on the far end of the action. Sitting up higher brings me to my third piece of advice, sit under cover. It’s a long hot day at the track so some some relief from the sun is always welcome, plus the higher up you are the less you have deal with dust and rubber that is kicked up off the track.

So your on a corner, up high and your covered…now you want to get a section where you have a seatback or backrest. The backrest is wonderful in making your hours spent sitting more comfortable but also creates a barrier between you and those behind you and in front of you so it’s a requirement. The place you want is Penthouse Section E and you want in sections 1-15. These go fast/first but I see tickets in this section selling for under $500 as of this post going live. Now is the time to snatch the tickets them before the field is set and the prices start to spike.

2014 Indy 500 Seating Chart

The best seats are sections J and E for action coming in and out of the turns. The seat that go fastest are in sections 1-15.




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