Tickets to the Masters? Here’s what you need to know for 2014.

Masters is just around the corner and it seems everyone in our office is already buzzing about Augusta.  Having never attended the Masters myself, I wanted to get some first-hand insight into what everyone was talking about. I sat down with our COO Zach and VP of Sales Caroline, who have both attended the Masters in years prior (Caroline holds an impressive number of tournaments under her belt). During our discussion, I learned a lot about this iconic event.

Augusta National tournament
Augusta National tournament

Everyone talks about waking up at the crack of dawn for the Masters. What time should I actually plan to arrive at the course?

Caroline: 7:30 am-9 am is when traffic is at its heaviest, so be prepared!

Zach: You should also your day around what you really want to check out. When you’re going to a music festival, you want to make absolutely sure that you get to see your favorite band play – even if that means getting there earlier and sacrificing seeing another band. Same goes for the Masters! Planning is key.

Once I’m done planning my day and beating traffic, what should I know about actually being at the Masters?

Zach: Once you get inside the grounds, you can set your chair anywhere and not one person will sit in it or move it. This is great because you can freely walk the entire course without having to worry. Everyone is expected to be respectful. This is what makes The Masters so unique.

Caroline: Chairs have to be foldable and armless or else you can’t bring them onto the grounds. Also, cell phones are never allowed and pictures cannot be taken during tournament days.

Augusta National sees tons of famous figures walk through its doors. What are some of your experiences with celebrities at the Masters?

Caroline: You’re not supposed to ask for the players’ autographs. At one point I was standing right next to Tiger Woods’ mom. It’s best to just keep your cool.

Zach: I’ve eaten dinner at the same restaurants as some great golfers and been in the same vicinity as Fuzzy Zoeller while at the Masters. Like Caroline said, keep your cool. Be respectful.

Par 3 tournament
Par 3 tournament

I’ve heard tons about how unbelievably inexpensive the food is at the Masters. What’s your favorite concession stand item?

Caroline: I really love the pimento cheese sandwich.

Zach: Keep in mind that the pimento cheese sandwich is a distinctively Southern thing, so it might not be for everyone. I like the Masters club sandwich.

What about outside of the Masters? Where are some cool places to check out?

Caroline: The steakhouse TBonz is an awesome place to grab a place to eat. It’s also a “see and be seen” kind of place. Lots of golfers and celebrities tend to eat there. There’s a bar called Somewhere in Augusta that I really like as well. They have live bands playing on the weekends.

Zach: Calvert’s Restaurant is great. It’s definitely an old school fine dining place. Augusta doesn’t have a huge nightlife, but the Hooters off of Washington Road is good fun. John Daly was there once just to meet his fans. This is definitely an appropriate situation to ask for a picture or autograph, but you should still keep your cool of course.


We hope we’ve provided some helpful tips on the mystical golf wonderland that is Augusta National! If you have any Masters tips of your own, feel free to drop them in the comments section!