2015 ACL Lineup Leaked


Every year, speculation runs wild about what artists will find their way onto the ACL Lineup. With the edition of a second weekend a couple of years ago, the amount of rumors has only increased. For years the best indicator of what artists would perform at ACL, was looking at the Lollapalooza lineup, which is released a few months prior to ACL’s. Both festivals are owned and produced by C3 Concerts, and the lineups are often quite similar. In 2015, we might have received our best ever indication of the ACL Lineup before the official release date (5/5/2015), with ACL’s website putting up a lineup briefly on Sunday, before taking it down. Of course screen shots were taken and disseminated across the internet. Here is what the 2015 ACL Lineup might look like.

2015 ACL Weekend One – October 2-4


2015 ACL Weekend Two – October 9-11


If the lineup leak does turn out to be a hoax, plenty people will be fooled. A quick look through the Twittersphere shows quite a few people are taking the leaked lineup and running with it.

The official lineup is scheduled to be released tomorrow at 6 am CST. Until then, the speculation will continue to run wild, and for some, the anticipation could not be bigger.