How to get the most out of your Indy 500 Trip


The Indianapolis 500 is only a few weeks away and fans from around the world will be traveling to Indiana to see the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. If you are making a return trip to the Indy500, or if it is your first time at the race, we have some tips on what to bring with you to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

What Can I Bring?

Fans attending the Indy500 are in luck, because the Indy500 has a very liberal policy on what you can bring into the venue.

Here are a few items that we recommend.

1. Coolers – Coolers that are 18”x14”x14” are permitted inside of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These coolers can be hard or soft sided. You can fill these coolers with lunch, snacks, and drinks so that you never have to leave your seats.

2. Binoculars – The oval track at the Indy500 is massive and a good pair of binoculars is a must for checking out the action on the far side of the track. It is also fun for people watching, as hundreds of thousands of fans crowd the stands and infield

3. Lawn Chairs – This is especially essential if you are camping out in the infield or purchase GA tickets.

4. Ear Plugs – Even the hardiest IndyCar fan will tell you that Indy cars are loud. While the high pitch scream of the motors is one of the endearing aspects of the sport, it can be a bit much to handle for hours at a time

Other items that are permitted:
• Cameras
• Umbrellas
• Strollers

What can’t I bring

While there are a number of items that you can bring into Indianapolis Motor Speedway, there are a few that you should avoid.

1. Glass – While you can bring a cooler into the race, all glass items will be confiscated at the door. So make sure all of your beverages are in plastic or cans

2. Animals – Sorry dog lovers, but you will have to leave your favorite pets at home. Note, service animals are permitted for assisting guests with disabilities.

A full list of items prohibited at the Indy 500 can be found here

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot bring with you to the Indy 500, feel free to leave them in the comments below.