5 Most Family Friendly MLB Parks


Taking a family to a Major League Baseball Game has been an American tradition for decades. But some stadiums and teams go above and beyond to make families welcome. Here are my picks for the top 5 family friendly venues in the MLB in 2015.

1. Comerica Park
• Average family of 4 price*: $239
• 2015 Median Ticket Price: $46
• Hot dog + coke price: $9


One of the major factors that I looked at when judging a family friendly venue was pricing. Going to a sporting event can be expensive, especially for families. The fact that this is important to us, may make it surprising that Comerica Park ranks as our number 1 family friendly venue. Comerica Park is $20 more than the average family of 4 price, ranking in the bottom half of expensive MLB venues. But that extra $20 goes towards an experience for kids that is unbelievable. Comerica Park has a beautiful view of Downtown Detroit, and captures that intangible feel that you want from a baseball park. For younger kids, there is a carousel located in the Big Cat Court in section 119, and a Ferris Wheel in section 132. It is only around $2 a person to ride each of these, and free for kids under 14. For older kids, there is a batting cage and speed pitch located at section 105. The Tigers also have one of the most generous child ticket policies, letting all children 3 and younger into the park without a ticket. Between the activities for kids, and the view and feel of the park, Comerica Park hits it out of the park for families.

2. Great American Ballpark
• Average family of 4 price*: $168
• 2015 Median ticket price: $35
• Hot dog + coke price: $2


If price was the only factor, the Cincinnati Reds would probably take the top honors as the most family friendly ball park. Tickets to the Great American Ballpark are about as reasonably priced as any team in the MLB. But what really sets the Reds apart is their drinks and hot dog prices. For 2015, both will only cost you $1, allowing parents to buy snacks for their kids, their kids’ friends, and even have some cash left over for themselves. The Reds also go out of their way to promote a family atmosphere, deeming every Sunday game, family Sundays. On Sundays, the Reds offer 3 half priced tickets with the purchase of a single full priced ticket, they also give away a free drink, hot dog, chips and a snack with the ticket. There are face painters, kid giveaways, and four unique mascots roaming the stands. The Great American Ballpark is an unbelievable experience for families, and their wallets too.

3. Progressive Field
• Average family of 4 price*: $180
• 2015 Median ticket price: $36
• Hot dog + coke price: $6


The Cleveland Indians have one of the best ballparks in Major League Baseball. Not only is Progressive Field a beautiful Park, but it also has great views of downtown Cleveland and is fairly easily accessible. The Indians have done a tremendous job of making their ballpark family friendly. Average pricing for a family of 4 is below the league average, annd the stadium has not skimped on amenities for kids. The kids clubhouse has something for kids of just about any age. The Rookie Suite offers kids 6 and under a place to get inside and has plenty of toys and activities to choose from. Also in the clubhouse is the Slugger Sandlot, which includes a speed pitch, batting cages, as well as other coordinated activities. There is even a photo booth that allows young fans the ability to make personalized baseball cards of themselves. Combine all of this with generous door prizes for young fans, and Progressive Field is a great park for families.

4. Busch Stadium
• Average family of 4 price*: $198
• 2015 Median ticket price: $35
• Hot dog + Coke price: 9


St. Louis loves their Cardinals, and the team has rewarded their fantastic fanbase with an unbelievable experience for families. Average family of 4 pricing is around $20 cheaper than the MLB norm, with median Cardinals tickets for 2015 falling near the cheapest in the league, despite the team’s consistent success over the last decade. Once in the stadium, families are rewarded with plenty of activities for kids. Underneath the bleachers in right field is what is known as the Family Pavilion. The family pavilion includes batting cages, a fast pitch, as well as other amenities designed for kids of all sizes. The stadium also has 13 family restrooms scattered around the stadium, adding convenience to families trip to Busch Stadium. The Cardinals fanbase is one of the best in all of sports and Busch Stadium is known for a its family friendly atmosphere and Cardinals passion.

5. Globe Life Park
• Average family of 4 price*: $198
• 2015 Median ticket price: $37
• Hot dog + Coke price: $10


Globe Life Park is one of the cultural centerpieces of an expanding Arlington, Texas. Opened in 1994, the design of the stadium includes tributes to many of the historic ballparks in MLB, including old Tigers Stadium, Yankees Stadium, and Fenway. The retro feel of Globe Life Park gives fans the quintessential baseball experience. It is easy to park at the stadium and the average family of 4 price as well as median ticket price are both more affordable than the average MLB park. In terms of amenities for kids, the pavilion in center field includes a fast pitch, and a wiffle ball home run field, where kids can literally knock it out of the park. Combine all of this with insane food options like a 1 pound hot dog (what kid doesn’t want a 1 pound hot dog?) and Globe Life Park is a wonderful experience for families of all shapes and sizes.

*Family of 4 price was created by the following formula (4xMedian Ticket Price + 4xHot dog & drink + 1xParking)