Top Indy 500 Tailgating Events of 2015


The Indianapolis 500 is known as the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” and while the racing is unlike anywhere else on the IndyCar circuit, tailgating at the Indy 500 is a spectacle all on its own. Tailgating at Indy 500 starts days before the race even begins, and includes everything from concerts, to glamping (yes that is a thing), and there is even an impromptu town equipped with a mayor, and an volunteer police force. Here are the top events to look for while planning your Indy 500 tailgating trip

Coke Lot

No discussion of Indy 500 tailgating is complete without an explanation of Coke Town. Coke Town, or the Coke Lot, is located just outside of turn 4 of the oval, along Georgetown Road near West 25th Street. It gets its name from a Coca Cola bottling plant located on the other side of the lot. The Coke Lot normally opens the Thursday before race day at the Indy 500 and is the scene of some of the most intense tailgating at the 500. Equipped with a sea of RV’s, tents, cars, and plenty of rowdy Indy 500 fans, the Coke Lot comes alive in the days before the race, and builds its own micro-society. The Coke Lot is not for the faint of heart, or families with children, but if you are up for the challenge of surviving 4 days in the heat, it will leave you with memories for a lifetime.


If you are looking to have more relaxed, or family friendly fun, try the glamping (glamourous camping) on the Indy 500 infield. Glamping spaces are sold per tent, and include queen, twin, or 4 cot bed packages. Included in each of the packages is a tent, equipped with beds, linens, a bedside table, private restroom facilities, and a camping area. While the word might be a little silly, glamping is actually a really cool idea, letting you sleep in an actual bed, avoid all the setup and teardown time and effort of camping, and you get to wake up, on race day literally right next to the track. The communial nature of the glamping setup at the Indy 500 lets you socialize, meet new friends, and have a great time, without the total hooliganism that is the Coke Lot.

Snake Pit

One of the most fun experiences at the Indy 500 is the Snake Pit. The Snake Pit is a giant music festival that takes place inside of turn 3 on the massive infield at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Admission to the Snake Pit requires an Indy 500 race day ticket, as well as a Snake Pit wristband. The festival has grown over the years and now pulls some of the top EDM artists in the world. If you are looking to throw caution to the wind, and have the most addrenillin filled experience at the Indy 500, then you have to check out the Snake Pit. Thousands of fans amped to see the Indy 500, massive speakers, top EDM artists, and great food and drinks, what more could you want?