Five Do’s and Five Don’ts for Attending Lollapalooza

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Don’t: Stay in the Same Place All Day

I once spent eight hours sitting on a blanket in Grant Park so I could see the Counting Crows, so I understand completely wanting to camp out to see a band you really like. Just be sure to let your friends hold down the fort for a little bit. Few things in life are quite as cool as falling in love with a new band, and Lolla is a great place to see some new acts. Go explore. Don’t be boring.

Don’t: Bring your Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks, tripods and other camera accessories are prohibited. Besides, you don’t really need a selfie stick if you have long arms. If you don’t have long arms, make a long-armed friend. I’m available. Just tweet me and I will come take a selfie with you.

Don’t: Be Shy

One of the greatest things Lollapalooza does is bring together unique people from around the Midwest. There are a lot of fun and interesting people to meet, so go meet them. Step out of your comfort zone a little bit and you may find yourself a new best friend. Just because you can’t bring a selfie stick doesn’t mean you can’t take a selfie with your new best friends.

Do: Stay Hydrated

Lollapalooza has six Camelbak Filling Stations located around the park where you can fill your water bottles. Chicago is hot in the summer, but there is no excuse for getting dehydrated at Lollapalooza.

Do: Participate in Lollapalooza’s Rock & Recycle Program

Lollapalooza goes to great lengths to be environmentally friendly, so be sure to do your part. Make sure recycling and compost find their way into the proper receptacles.

Do: Ride a Bike

Bike parking is located just outside the main entrance. You can also rent a bike for Lollapalooza from Bike and Roll Chicago. Pick up your bike at the McDonald’s Cycle Center located at the north end of Grant Park.

Do: Take Public Transportation

The CTA has bus and train routes to Grant Park, and Metra has multiple train stations within walking distance of Grant Park. Why deal with traffic if you do not have to?

Do: Park in the Underground Parking Garage at Grant Park

If you have to drive, the underground parking garage is the way to go. It is a bit expensive, but the underground garage is easy to get to from Michigan Avenue and very convenient.

Don’t: Forget to write down where you parked.

I literally spent two hours walking around that parking lot trying to figure out where I parked. Once you get in there everything looks the same, and there is nothing worse than wandering around looking for your car after a long day of concert-going. Don’t just save the location in your phone, because batteries can die. Write it down and put it in your wallet.

Do: Wear Sunscreen

This should really go without saying, but it is remarkable how many people either forget or neglect to wear sunscreen. Don’t be one of those people.

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