Atlanta Falcons Tailgating and Gameday at the Georgia Dome

Georgia Dome

In October I visited the Georgia Dome for the first time to see the Atlanta Falcons host the Houston Texans. The Blonde Side hosted our first-ever road trip (hopefully the first of many) for Texans fans to check out the football experience in Atlanta, and we were quite impressed.

My favorite part about the Falcons game was by far the fans. They showed extreme hospitality during the tailgate (and mind you, we were decked out in as much opposing team gear humanly possible). They were warm and inviting and even took time to give some of our other fans directions to our tailgate spot (the stadium is a bit confusing, and there is a lot of construction going on right now with the new stadium being built). We tailgated with a local group of Falcon fans known as Fanbulance, where Southern hospitality was at its finest, but even inside the stadium fans were fun to interact with (although that could have just been because our team didn’t pose a threat to them at all).

My least favorite part about our visit to the Georgia Dome was the long concession lines inside. I noticed the lines got exponentially longer after halftime, so my advice is to head up there a few minutes before the half. To avoid beer lines (which are not as long as the food lines, but still pretty long), bring cash so you can buy beers and sodas directly at your seat from the mobile vendors. Another thing to note before jumping into a concession line is to check the signage before you commit to a line and waste 20 minutes like yours truly. The stadium was littered with signs showcasing the “what’s new” food items, but they were placed in a way that made you think you were standing in line for those, as opposed to just letting you know what’s available throughout the concourse.

Games in the Georgia Dome allow for a loud and intimate football experience, which is a great way to take in any game (even if you’re losing, as we quickly learned). Pretty much any seat in the house is a good one with a great view of the field and is surrounded by rabid yet polite fans on either side of you.
Starting in the 2017 season, the Falcons will move to their new digs, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. If you’ve never checked out a Falcons game at the Georgia Dome before, your time is running out.

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