Your Guide to Ticket Delivery Policies

The world of ticketing can be confusing for many. We understand at TicketCity the disarray that buying a ticket can cause for consumers. So, we’re here to help where we can!

With teams, artists and venues exploring different ticket delivery methods and policies more now than ever before, we’re here to provide a one-stop shop to help everyone understand the delivery tendencies for the four major professional sports leagues.

Hard Stock Tickets & eTickets:

The “OG” of ticketing, if you will. Everyone is familiar with standard hard stock tickets and eTickets, which typically must be printed out on paper and presented at the venue upon arrival. But with new technology, the delivery methods continue to evolve.

Mobile Transfer:

With mobile transfer, you are sent a ticket “offer” to your email address that must be accepted by following the instructions within the email. Usually this comes from Ticketmaster or the transfer platform specifically. The ticket acceptance process is easiest when completed on a computer or laptop, but you can then use your smartphone to enter the venue.

Here’s a quick video on Mobile Transfer that helps explain the process:


Flash Seats:

Flash Seats is the primary standalone mobile ticketing platform. This platform began in Cleveland at Quicken Loans Arena. Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, introduced this safe mobile ticketing to the world. Flash Seats is an ID-based digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event with any form of convenient digital ID, such as a credit card, driver’s license or Mobile ID through the Flash Seats mobile app. This concept, similar to the e-ticket in the airline industry, allows you to manage your season tickets via the Internet. The QR code on your Flash Seats account also resets every minute so that they cannot be screenshotted and duplicated. It is deemed one of the safest forms of ticketing. For more info on how to set up an account or the history of Flash Seats, visit here.

Other/Hold Policies:

Certain venues and teams have moved as far as to employ hold policies on their tickets, meaning the tickets are not released until a certain amount of time before the event. Below we will outline some of the more unique policies.


  • The Denver Broncos use a combination of eTickets and mobile transfer. However, some of their mobile tickets are on hold until 12 hours before kickoff
  • Both the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers have 48-hour hold policies on their eTickets
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  • The Miami Heat, which use their own mobile transfer platform, became the first team in professional sports to solely use mobile transfer as a ticketing platform, including for season ticket holders
  • TD Garden created its own mobile transfer platform in 2017, which the Boston Celtics use for delivery
  • Washington Wizards tickets are delivered on a mobile transfer platform through Monumental Sports
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  • The New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves each use their own ticketing platform through Ticketmaster
  • For the Cubs specifically, their platform allows you to choose mobile tickets or will call pickup upon accepting the tickets in your account
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  • The Tampa Bay Lightning and Edmonton Oilers have 24-hour holds on their eTickets
  • Nashville Predators tickets are sent using Ticketmaster for mobile transfer and have a 24-hour hold on all tickets against the Chicago Blackhawks
  • The Boston Bruins use the TD Garden mobile transfer platform as of the 2017 season
  • The Washington Capitals deliver tickets via mobile transfer using Monumental Sports’ platform
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