Top Stops on the Hamilton Tour

Since its Broadway debut in February 2015, Hamilton: An American Musical, has proven to be one of the top and most popular shows in Broadway’s history. With a record-setting 16 Tony nominations, demand to experience the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is high.

Hamilton Broadway Average Ticket Price: $424

Now the singing and rapping musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton: An American Musical, is coming to cities across America. So, as fans of Hamilton that have been waiting to experience the incredible show jump at their opportunity to purchase tickets, we are here to see the top 5 states that will be hosting Hamilton.

hamilton broadway tickets

#5. Illinois – $260 Average Ticket Price

Hamilton will be performing in Chicago, IL at the CIBC Theatre until September 2018. The show in Chicago is attracting audiences from all over the United States with only 40% of Hamilton tickets being purchased in Illinois.

#4. California – $426 Average Ticket Price

With shows in Los Angeles and San Diego complete and shows in Costa Mesa upcoming, the demand jumped almost $200 dollars compared to Illinois. A large number of showgoers for Hamilton: An American Musical in California have come from instate with 84% of tickets sales. Audiences can look forward to the Hamilton Musical shows in May of 2018 at Costa Mesa at Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

#3. Missouri – $475 Average Ticket Price

St. Louis, Missouri will be hosting the award-winning Hamilton show in April 2018 at the Fox Theatre. With Hamilton tickets sales just under $500, demand is high. The majority of audiences will be coming from Missouri with 75% of sales for Hamilton tickets come from instate.

#2. New York – $605 Average Ticket Price

Hamilton: An American Musical biggest attraction comes from the New York City Broadway production. Fans of Hamilton come from all over to see the original production that made the show one of a kind. Performed at the famous Richard Rogers Theatre, only 13% of tickets are purchased in New York audiences are willing to travel to Hamilton on Broadway.

#1. Georgia – $862 Average Ticket Price

Georgia tops the leaderboard for highest and most expensive demand for Hamilton shows across the US. The average ticket price is at a whopping $862 with 66% of purchases coming from Georgia. The Fox Theatre will host Hamilton The Musical from May to June 2018.

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