How to Use Flash Seats at the Final Four

The madness is coming to an end and the Final 4 is set! San Antonio here you come! Hotel is reserved, flight is booked, and the taco itinerary is thoughtfully drawn out. But, there’s just a few more questions. What are Flash Seats and why do I have to use this service to access the Alamodome/Final Four this weekend?

Flash Seats is an ID-based ticketing system that grants you access to the venue through two avenues, a digital ID or your credit card/driver’s license or the Flash Seats mobile app. The concept, which is similar to your e-ticket in the airline industry makes it simple and safe to access the venue.

Why is it so safe? Simple. It eliminates a lost or stolen ticket. As long as you have your driver’s license or credit card, your tickets are safe and reserved. Alternatively, if you choose to use the app, which is available with iOS 6.1 or later for iPhone or with Android 2.3.3. or later, you will download the app, login and accept the transfer. A QR code will then appear (one QR code for every ticket) and this code will refresh every 40-60 seconds so screenshots will not work. The refresh helps fans know their tickets cannot be duplicated and are specific to the registered device.

So how do you get Flash Seats and receive your tickets? Here are the simple steps.

Go to the Flash Seats Web Page at and click “Register” at the top of the page. You will then be asked for basic account info as well as your credit card’s 15/16 digits or your driver’s license number. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED. This card is only used as an identifier to connect the owner of the ticket to the event entrance. If you are uncomfortable entering your credit card, you are able to use your driver’s license. The magnetic strip on the back of both is what grants your access to the event/venue.

Alternatively, you can also download the Flash Seats app onto your smartphone, create an account and provide the registered email address to or wherever you purchased the tickets from. The seller of the tickets will then transfer the tickets to you and you can pull them up as QR codes and scan at the venue entrance.

For more information, Flash’ Seats “Getting Started Guide” is below. To purchase tickets to the Final Four in San Antonio, Texas, here is a list of available inventory.