The Ultimate Boston Sports Weekend

Patriot’s Day will have a special meaning this year to the people of Boston, Massachusetts and the Boston Athletic Association. Participants and all who line the streets up to the finish line on Boylston Street will boast a patriotic spirit as a tribute and testament to “Boston Strong”. This year, the Marathon will also celebrate a “Year of Service” in honor of the 1918 Boston Marathon Military Relay and all firefighters, doctors, nurses, military, law enforcement and volunteers serving the local community and country.

Boston Marathon

Aside from the press that always surrounds the race on the 3rd Monday in April, the city of Boston, referred to as Title Town due to their commanding success in professional sports; 1st in all-time NBA Championships, 2nd in all-time Super Bowl Championships, 4th in Stanley Cup Finals won, and 5th in World Series rings, will boast a sports weekend to remember.  Those in the New England area have the opportunity to see every professional sport’s team in the city – with the exception of the New England Patriots.


It’s like there’s so much going on you could use a schedule of events… 

Friday, April 13th: The Baltimore Orioles come to town for a four-game series at Fenway Park including the annual Marathon Monday, 11:00 AM game.

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Saturday, April 14th: You can hit Fenway Park for the 1:05 PM start to the Orioles, Red Sox game at Fenway then head to the TD Garden for a Boston Sport’s doubleheader as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins drop the puck at 8:00 PM for the NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

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Unfortunately, Boston asks you to choose on Sunday

Sunday, April 15th: Catch the Orioles, Red Sox game at 1:05 PM at Fenway Park or head to TD Garden for the opening of the NBA Playoffs. The Milwaukee Bucks take on the Boston Celtics at 1:00 PM.

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Monday, April 16th: Patriot’s Day in Boston and a city-wide holiday. Day parties for Marathon Monday are celebrated at the 35 Universities in the Boston area that boast over 150,000 students in higher education. The 122nd running of the Boston Marathon where the race will begin just before 9:00 AM Eastern. And last but not least, the annual 11:00 AM Red Sox Game at Fenway Park.

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