The Stat Line Continues – Patriots Dominate NFL Ticket Sales!

For the last three years, the New England Patriots, by a large margin have dominated ticket sales. This year, the stat line continues. The average ticket price for any home New England Patriots Game is $493.00. The media might claim the team is in turmoil and is trending down but sales at TicketCity say otherwise.

The five-time Super Bowl champs top the list of most in-demand tickets, followed by the Raiders playing their last season in Oakland. Jacksonville takes the third spot with last year’s success likely carrying into this spring’s sales. Fourth is the Green Bay Packers who consistently boast high ticket prices in their historic stadium and deeply passionate fan-base. Fifth on our list is the Houston Texans; many fans are filled with anticipation with the return of Deshaun Watson, J.J. Watt and the addition of Tyrann Mathieu.

1. New England Patriots – Average Ticket Price of $492.00
2. Oakland Raiders – Average Ticket Price of $483.00
3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Average Ticket Price of $346.00
4. Green Bay Packers – Average Ticket Price of $329.00
5. Houston Texans – Average Ticket Price of $327.75

Houston Texans Tickets

Important takeaways for ticket buyers: 

  • After a promising year in Jacksonville and the rare post-season appearance, Jaguars fans are paying an average ticket price of $346/ticket. The most expensive individual game for the Jags is their home game against the New England Patriots. Tickets for this game are selling for an average of $250.00. The least expensive, however, is against the New Orleans Saints where the average ticket price is about $95.00.
  • Green Bay Packer’s fans are consistent. Tickets have averaged around $300.00 for 3 years in a row, now.
  • Patriot’s tickets are likely to be expensive as long as #12 is starting. Tom Brady is a hero in Boston, and the ability to see “the GOAT” will cost you. The cheapest opportunity to see a game in New England is the Kansas City Chiefs game on 10/14/2018 with an average ticket price of $392.00.
  • Oakland is going to miss their football team. Their prices are only $9.00 short of the notoriously expensive New England Patriots and the highest priced home game is the final game in Oakland.

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