Tickets to Top Events: Now Cheaper!

Did you know? TicketCity cut prices for tickets to top events across every category on our marketplace.  Percentage cuts across the board mean the more you spend, the more you save for NFL Season Tickets, theater events like Hamilton, and concerts like Elton John.  We’ve kept our service and shipping charges steady, but the price you see is lower for all tickets priced over $94.

Concert Tickets

Prices to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s tour, Fleetwood Mac‘s current and upcoming dates and BTS’ latest tour can be found online now at TicketCity.

Football Tickets

The NFL Draft just wrapped up and the Patriots are dominating early season sales, but you can get tickets to all 32 NFL teams (including my personal favorite Niners) at TicketCity.  Also check out our take on the Hottest NFL Games of 2018.

You can also find all of the College Football matchups listed on our Best CFB Games in each State (except for that high school football game in Alaska).  With the new price cut, CFB games are more affordable on TicketCity than ever.  And if you have an opinion on the best matchup in your state, send it to us on twitter @ticketcity.

Theater Tickets

Hamilton just arrived in Texas and while the Lion King maybe a classic, our team is most looking forward to seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (even if the stage play book wasn’t great).

Upcoming At TicketCity

We’ve got more exciting changes coming to TicketCity.  We’re working to create a better ticket buying experience, but that starts with a great price.  This sale doesn’t require any coupon code or special discount.  We’ve cut the base price across the board to make it as easy as possible to get great seats for the best events around.  Just shop TicketCity’s new lower prices on tickets with the links below: