Ticket Tuesday: Vegas Golden Knight’s Ticket Prices Reflect Their Growing Popularity

Before the 2017-2018 season even began, Golden Knights owner Bill Foley told the world in an article from Forbes, that the Vegas Golden Knights are already one of the highest-grossing teams in the NHL in terms of annual ticket revenue… Well, if they weren’t then, they definitely are now. As their record-breaking season continues with Games 3 + 4 at home this week, our favorite team of misfits surely has hockey fans nationwide behind them. They have the most expensive home game playoff ticket prices by over $250/ticket. Whoever said hockey won’t succeed in an environment like Las Vegas, Nevada surely is biting their tongue now. Here are the 4 remaining team’s average playoff ticket prices:

The Average Ticket Price for Washington Capitals Remaining Home Games: $226.00

The Average Ticket Price for Tampa Bay Lightning Remaining Home Games: $286.00

The Average Ticket Price for Winnipeg Jets Remaining Home Games: $308.00

The Average Ticket Price for Vegas Knights Remaining Home Games: $558.00

A lot of people called Bill Foley crazy for his initial timeline and expectations for the Vegas Golden Knights; Stanley Cup Playoffs in 3 years, the Stanley Cup Finals in 6. Instead, the Vegas Knights passed the inaugural season winning record on February 1st with their 34th win, and then extended the gap between most wins by a first-year team to 51 total wins.
Then, many claimed they made the playoffs but they will lose in the 1st round. Instead, they swept the Los Angeles Kings.

The Vegas Golden Knights have captivated us all. A city that has endured so much in the last year is being brought to life by their first professional sports team. Everyone wants to see the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals. But to get up close, it will cost you. Seats on the Glass for Games 3 + 4 of the Conference Finals range from $3000 – $4000. Those prices DOUBLE when you look at seats on the glass for the possible Stanley Cup Finals appearance. Currently on TicketCity.com, there are Stanley Cup Finals glass seats listed for over $8000. Although sitting on the glass has pricing comparable to the Super Bowl, get-in prices for the remaining Conference Finals range from $220 – $250 in the upper sections of T-Mobile Arena and can be purchased here.

This year’s accomplishments are an impressive feat for a team that’s got a lot of cynics calling them underdogs over and over again, series after series. Vegas, a city known for the casinos, pool parties, clubs and nightlife is learning what it’s like to be completely captivated by the success of a professional sports team.  The Vegas Golden Knights are 3 wins from the Stanley Cup Finals.

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