Happy National Selfie Day | Sports Best Selfies!

Today is National Selfie Day and we’re counting down our Top 10 favorite sports selfies. We hope these help inspire your best “selfie” today. 


10. The fastest man in the world, literally, snapped a selfie with his fans just after his last race.

Photo via USA Today 

9. The internet shamed them for this selfie, but in the end, they used this to raise $15,000 towards the “New Leaf” non-profit.

Photo via FoxSports

8. Steph and… Steph? #Faceswap

(Photo by Beck Diefenbach/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds San Francisco)

7. Rickie Fowler’s alter ego “Dick Fowler” made a selfie appearance on his Instagram reppin’ Red Bull.

Photo via Rickie Fowler Instagram

6. Former world #1’s living it up…

Photo via Sportsbuzz

#5. With the city behind them (literally) the Cubs snapped an 82 year drought.

(Photo via Chicago Cubs Twitter)

#4. Big Papi wasn’t even subtle about it. I guess even super-stars get star-struck.

#3. A king can never have too many crowns?

(Via Lebron James Twitter)

#2. Not one, Not two, But three US Presidents in one selfie. Epic Phil, epic.

#1. No caption needed. #Goats

(Via Roger Federer Twitter)

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