Summer X Games Cheaper Than Ever

While Austin, Texas, would seem like the perfect place to host the Summer X Games, with its diverse music scene and all-around laid-back culture matching that of Los Angeles, there were certain factors that made it a less desirable host than some other cities. Minneapolis is a great host for many of those reasons, in that respect.

While travel costs to Minneapolis are slightly higher than Austin, this year’s Summer X Games ticket prices are the cheapest in the last five years. The highest average ticket price for X Games while Austin was the host was $203.18, while as of this post, the highest average the last two years in Minneapolis is just $138.00. The overall average of the X Games in Austin for three years was $170.73 per ticket, while Minneapolis has an average of $130.50 through two years.

Another big factor was the weather. The Summer X Games went as far as moving up the event to early June during its three-year run in Texas to avoid the most extreme weather. The problem, along with athlete safety, is that it caused X Games to compete with NBA and NHL playoffs on television.

The average high temperature on a typical Austin day in June is 92 degrees Fahrenheit, while it is just 84 degrees in Minneapolis in July. Another factor working against Austin was the lack of an enclosed venue, which Minnesota has in the form of host venue U.S. Bank Stadium. The home of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings proved a worthy host in 2017 and will look to repeat its success this summer.

The Summer X Games will take place July 19-22 and you can get your tickets here.