The Best Power 5 College Football Schedules in 2018

We’re less than two weeks away from the start of college football season. Fans all around the country are breaking out the budgets to see which games they want to prioritize this fall. But, there are some teams who we’ve discovered have the best schedule in their conference. This means, their fans should buckle up for a year of incredible match-ups. The best schedule was determined by weighing their Power 5 match-ups throughout the season with the best locations to travel to as a college football fan. Last, we paired this with which teams they host at home. The idea is that if a fan of the school of choice was to travel to every game their team played, this would be the best year to do it. 

SEC – Auburn

Auburn opens up their season with a neutral site game right next door in Atlanta, Georgia against the Washington Huskies. Their fans are granted the pleasure of away visits at some of the best atmospheres and college towns in football. The Tigers will visit  Ole Miss where the Grove is tailgating royalty in College Football, as well as a trip to Athens, Georgia for an epic re-match. Auburn fans will also travel to Alabama for the SEC’s best rivalry, The Iron Bowl. All in all, it doesn’t get better than opening up against a Power 5 team on the road and when you pair that with home visits from blue-bloods like Tennessee, LSU and Arkansas, the schedule doesn’t have much of a down-turn.

Big 12 – West Virginia

This was close, with TCU playing Ohio State, but West Virginia wins the race for best schedule in the Big 12 Conference. Like Auburn, they too will open up on the road in a neutral site game against a Power 5 opponent, in Tennessee. Their away schedule includes sites that should be on everyone’s bucket-list; Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. A visit to Austin, Texas to see the Longhorns is on almost everyone’s list and Texas Tech can get wild when West Virginia comes to town, as both fan-bases continue to debate who John Denver really belongs to. Last but not least, they head to Stillwater. They host teams like TCU, Oklahoma and Baylor meaning the fans who don’t want to make the cross-country trips can still enjoy a strong home schedule.

Big Ten – Nebraska

College Football die-hards have long awaited the return of Nebraska football, and although years have been down for Husker nation, this is the year to follow along with the Big Red. Scott Frost and Nebraska’s away games include stops at Wisconsin, Michigan,  Iowa and Ohio State. You can’t ask for better atmospheres in the Big Ten than these four. Wisconsin is said to be the biggest party school in the country and surely game-day follows suit, Michigan Stadium is a must to see with 110,000 + packed into the biggest house of them all for 100 years strong. A visit to Iowa gives you the opportunity to learn about the coolest tradition in College Football, where the wave is cool again. But not just any wave, Iowa’s edition of the wave is so very, very cool in that fans, in the middle of the game, turn and wave to the kids in the University’s new Stead Family Children’s Hospital, which happens to overlook the stadium. Finally, your trip could include a visit to the Horseshoe, home to Ohio State who has pretty much dominated the Big Ten for the last decade.

ACC – Florida State

Florida State, the only ACC team to visit Louisville, Notre Dame and Miami takes it away as the best schedule in the ACC. With visits to one of College Football’s oldest stadiums at Notre Dame, a rivalry game in Miami and Louisville, fans travelling will not be disappointed. However, if you can’t travel, Florida State has a great slate at home. Florida State will host Virginia Tech, the Florida Gators and finally Clemson.

Pac 12 – USC

Anytime USC plays Texas we all think one thing, Vince Young and Reggie Bush, the Trojan War and the greatest college football game of all time. But, if a visit to the University of Texas isn’t enough, USC also plays road games at UCLA, Stanford, and Arizona. Surely one of the four are worth travelling for. If travelling from LA is not an option, save your pennies for when Notre Dame comes to town.