Get the inside scoop on the 2018 college football season

If you love college football (like we do) then you can never get enough information about it. Here are a few of our partners where you can get the inside scoop on the upcoming 2018 college football season:

College Football Poll
Go check out the CFP season previews which were just posted and have fresh takes.

College Football News
Pete is one of the best in the business. Go check out the CFN Daily Five to get his latest thoughts on college football.

Lindy’s Sports
One of the best in the business is Lyn Scarbrough over at Lindy’s. Go check out Lindy’s 2018 Team Rankings to see how your team will finish the season (Lyn- Where’s Texas?).

Saturday Down South
If you want to keep up with the latest in SEC football, then make sure you visit SDS.

If you are sure who is the smart bet this weekend, than visit Covers college football picks to get the experts opinion.

After you read these you are going to be fired up to see your favorite team in action. TicketCity is here for you, we’ve got the college football tickets that you need.